Friday, March 31, 2006

Road to Temple Mount uncovered

Road to Temple Mount uncovered
By ETGAR LEFKOVITS (The Jerusalem Post)
Friday, March 31, 2006 11:29 IST

The main Jerusalem road during the time of the Second Temple which led to the Temple Mount recently uncovered by Israeli archaeologists in the City of David.
The main road that ran from Jerusalem's City of David to the Temple Mount during the time of the Second Temple has been uncovered by Israeli archeologists, those involved in the dig said Thursday. The road connected the Shiloah pool in the City of David to the Temple Mount compound.

The 2,000-year-old road was discovered adjacent to the Shiloah pool during ongoing excavations at the site, said Israeli Antiquities Authority archeologist Eli Shukrun. He is directing the dig together with University of Haifa archeologist Prof. Ronny Reich.

The road was used by the tens of thousands of people who came to Jerusalem for the Jewish pilgrimage holidays during the Second Temple Period, who immersed themselves in the Shiloah pool before entering the Temple Mount, Shukrun said. He said the road showed the centrality of both the Temple and the pool for life in the city at the time.

Archeologists had previously discovered the other end of the 600-meter road near the Temple Mount, he said.

The archeologists have not learned when the road was built, but they have determined that it was in use between the first half of the first century BCE and the destruction of the second Jewish Temple by the Romans in 70 CE.

"This was the main road of Jerusalem during the Second Temple period," Shukrun said.

The archeologists also found large stones and boulders from the destruction of the Second Temple, burnt ashes, and an assortment of coins from the failed Jewish rebellion against the Romans.

The excavations at the site are being sponsored by the right-wing Ir David Foundation, which supports the reestablishment of Jewish communities in east Jerusalem.

The latest finds in the City of David, located just outside the walls of the Old City, came two years after Israeli archeologists stumbled upon the 2,000-year-old pool while the city was carrying out infrastructure work for a new sewage line.

The waters of the Shiloah pool, which come from the nearby Gihon spring, were used in Jewish purification rituals carried out, among other times, before visits to the Temple.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Beginning of Months

"'This month shall be unto you
the beginning of months...'"
(Exodus 12:1-20)

Adar 27, 5766/March 27, 2006

This past Shabbat, in anticipation of the approaching Passover festival, parashat hachodesh was read in synagogues around the world. Named after its opening verse, "'This month - hachodesh hazeh - shall be unto you the beginning of months...'", (Exodus 12:1), the reading describes the first commandments the emerging nation of Israel was to receive. From these few commandments one can sketch the entire trajectory of the spiritual mission of the Jewish nation.

Calculating the months and years became a major task for the children of Israel, ultimately taken up by the Sanhedrin. The gravity of this task was not so much in its technical fulfillment. The awesome responsibility of accounting for G-ds creation, and calibrating its seasons is what compelled the sages of each generation to apply the strictest requirements for accepting the testimony of witnesses to the new moon. It is no wonder that ultimately witnesses to the new moon would be received and examined by the sages of the Great Sanhedrin, the highest court in the land, located in the Chamber of Hewn Stone, in the northern wall of the Holy Temple Courtyard. For this was more than a clerical function to be performed. Determining the new moon was nothing less than a partnership with G-d, and a shared responsibility in the maintenance of His universe.

"'In the tenth day of the month they shall take to them every man a lamb, according to their father's houses...'"
(Exodus 12:3)

The performance of the first pascal offering, while still in Egypt, and the following commandment to do so every year hence, ("'And this day shall be unto you for a memorial, and you shall keep it a feast to the L-rd; throughout your generations you shall keep it a feast by an ordinance forever,'" Exodus 12:14), created the spiritual and historical imperative necessary for the eventual building of the Holy Temple. For when the Holy Temple stood, each year, on the fourteenth of the month of Nissan, the entire nation of Israel, man woman, and child, would converge upon Jerusalem, and in groups ascend the Temple Mount with their pascal lambs.

"'And they shall take of the blood, and put it on the two side-posts
and on the lintel...'"
(Exodus 12:7)

It was the performance of this commandment that would forever set the Israelite nation apart. For the lamb was considered a deity by the Egyptians. To slaughter a lamb was a sacrilege, no doubt punishable by death. By slaughtering lambs, family by family, the children of Israel were making themselves odious to the Egyptians. What nine plagues hadn't achieved, this act would set in motion: the exodus from Egypt. But where did the Israelites find the courage requisite for so bold an act? The answer is in this same act of smearing the blood on the doorposts. By creating a sign by which G-d could recognize and deliver them from the Egyptians, and from the blow He was about to deal them, they were placing all their trust in Him. It is this covenant of faith that continues to inform all our actions, large and small, each and every day. It is this covenant of faith that brought the people of Israel into the land, and sustained then through dark millennia of exile. It is this covenant of faith that has brought us back to the land, and it is this covenant of faith which will guide our hands in the rebuilding of the Holy Temple, and throughout the unfolding of our redemption.

Courage of our convictions, trust in Hashem and in our divinely ordained mission, are certainly the order of the day - today - no less than it was those many years ago in Pharaoh's Egypt. There are forces today at work, day and night, bent on shaking our conviction, stripping us of our historic mission, and enslaving us in submission to their twisted will. May we be reminded this Passover season, as we are every year, of the enormity of our task in fulfilling the word of G-d, as transmitted through His holy Torah, and the paramount significance for all mankind, of our success in doing so.

Part II of Rabbi Chaim Richman's video tour of The Temple Mount is now available online for viewing. For links to Part I and Part II, please click here.

This week Rabbi Richman and Yitzchak Reuven will not be broadcasting a new episode of Temple Talk. The current Temple Talk, as well as past broadcasts, are all available at our Mulitimedia page. Next week, G-d willing, a new episode of Temple Talk will be broadcast live.

Once again, we invite everyone to brush up on his and her knowledge of Passover as it was celebrated during the time of the Second Temple, by visiting our study tool, Shlomo's Passover Adventure.

May we, in our trust in Hashem, and our adherence to His word, be blessed with freedom and deliverance from all our enemies,

Yitzchak Reuven

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Jerusalem, Israel 97500

Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Divine Promise of Purity

"'Up, make us a god who will go before us.'"
(Exodus 32:1)
Adar 21, 5766/March 21, 2006

Taking matters into your own hands is not always a good thing. The children of Israel were provoked by the mixed multitude into producing a golden calf. And what was the intended purpose of this golden calf? Not to replace or represent G-d, but to replace the man Moses, for "we know not what has become of him." (Exodus 32:1) The people confronted and compelled Aharon the high priest and brother of Moshe to act upon their demand. Buying time, Aharon calls on the people to collect their gold and bring it to him. The resulting debacle is well known: a golden calf is created, an altar is built, the people sink into hedonistic revelry, and Aharon announces a festival to Hashem on the morrow. Finally, G-d, silent up to this point, commands Moshe to go down from the mountain, and return to the people and see for himself. In G-d's words to Moshe, "...they have made a molten calf, and have worshipped it and have sacrificed to it, and said: 'This is your god, O Israel, which brought you up out of the land of Egypt.'" (Exodus 32:8)

Uncertainty and fatigue had left the people exposed to evil incitement. An innocent "stand-in" for Moshe brought about debauchery and ultimately, avodah zara - idol worship. Moshe rabbeinu has been described by our sages as a sort of "best-man at a wedding", an interlocutor between G-d and the people of Israel. Replacing him with a lump of gold, even if done with the best of intentions, was the first step in the return to the avodah zara that had been so pervasive in Egypt.

"And the L-rd spoke to Moses, saying: You shall also make a laver of copper..."
(Exodus 30:17-18)

No, not the inspiration of the rabble, or even of the finest of the generation, but a direct commandment from G-d. The laver was not intended as an intermediary between man and G-d, or even as a surrogate Moshe, as was the golden calf. The copper laver, the first vessel which the priests would come in contact with in their daily service, was an instrument for the washing of the priestly hands and feet. By washing their hands and feet at the laver, the priests were enabling themselves to draw ever closer to Hashem. And so it is with all of the Temple vessels: their sole intention is to facilitate the direct relationship between G-d and the priests. The holy Mei Hashiloach describes the priestly washing of their hands and feet as being nothing less than the cleansing of their hearts and minds of any preconceived notion of G-d. They would begin the Divine service each day literally by approaching Hashem anew. This is in direct contradistinction to the golden calf: Creating and dancing around a molten image throws up a wall between man and G-d. True interaction is frozen. There is no renewal, no drawing closer to Hashem. Only slipping further apart.

"This is the statute (chok) of the Torah which the L-rd has commanded..."
(Numbers 19:2)

This past Shabbat, in anticipation of the approaching Passover holiday, and in remembrance of Pesach as celebrated during the time of the Holy Temple, The Torah reading concerning the para aduma - the red heifer - was read in synagogues all around the world. The chok of the red heifer, by cleansing the children of Israel from impurity contracted by contact with death, enabled each and every Jew to make his Passover pilgrimage to the Holy Temple, fulfilling the Torah commandment. Like the copper laver, but on a more universal level, the red heifer's intended purpose was to draw people closer to the holy shechinah - presence - of G-d. The red heifer is understood by our sages as being the antidote, as it were, for the sin of the golden calf. Man, working solely on his own, drawing only from his own limitations, will always fall infinitely short of the mark, no matter how close! What hubris to assume that via our own calculations we could build a bridge to G-d. But G-d's commands, in their awesome unfathomability, draw us ever closer to Him, as is His desire.

To hear a thought provoking discussion of all these points, listen to this week's Temple Talk with Rabbi Chaim Richman.

To learn more about the red heifer, please visit The Mystery of the Red Heifer: Divine Promise of Purity.

May we begin each day with a fresh heart, and a renewed desire to draw closer to Hashem,

Yitzchak Reuven

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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Babylon is NOT America!

The United States is definitely not the Babylon of Revelation 18. My main two reasons are 1) we are Israelite in origin, not Gentile, as taught by Brit-Am Israel and 2) the prophesied revivals of the Roman Empire have always been in Europe and under Roman Catholic influence. That's why they would do well to research Europe's bitter roots that the Vatican wants them to "rediscover."

May God bless us all to FORSAKE BABYLON - at least what we know for sure: the pagan Babylonian Mystery Religion dressed in the drag of traditional Christianity - for the biblical Christianity Yeshua started and the early Church Jesus built followed (both Jewish and Gentile converts).

God bless America to repent and be spared (2 Chron. 7:14),

David Ben-Ariel

Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Purim Sameach from Temple Institute in Jerusalem

"The Jews had light and gladness,
and joy and honor."
Esther 8:16

Adar 15, 5766/March 15, 2006
Shushan Purim

The scroll of Esther describes historical events that happened over 2,500 years ago. The Purim storyline involves so much intrigue, drama, and sudden turns of fate that it can sound at times more like a fairy tale then like the historical event it was. Yet, as fantastic as it may appear the first time around, the basic features of the Purim chronicle seem to have again been set in motion in today's current geopolitical situation. Once again, the Persian nation, (Iran), sees itself as the leader of an empire, (Moslem), that spans "from India to Cush (Ethiopia)". Once again, a son of Haman and Amalek, President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad of Iran, has declared for no other reason than blind hatred of the Jews, his intention to wipe the nation of Israel off the map. Once again, "point zero" is Jerusalem and Mount Moriah. And once again, saviors like Esther and Mordechai will arise to rescue the Jewish nation from the grips of her most implacable enemies. And once again, pulling the invisible strings is the G-d of Israel, His presence hidden from all those whose faith fails to penetrate the sound and the fury of of mortals hellbent on evil.

To learn more about Purim, and the striking parallels between then and now, please click here.

Reminder: Temple Talk will be broadcast next week, Monday, March 20th, at its usual time.

Purim sameach - happy Purim - to one and all,
Yitzchak Reuven

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Monday, March 13, 2006

The fascist EU betrays and divides Jerusalem

Gerald Flurry and the Philadephia Trumpet magazine (sponsored by the Philadelphia Church of God) offer an invaluable service to mankind with articles of insight and understanding based upon Bible prophecy.

I respect the Philadephia Trumpet magazine's contribution to God's Work, even though they refuse to send it to me since I am a former member of the PCG even though I've probably promoted it more than any of their evangelists. For the record, I am an e-vangelist - not a televangelist - as the vast majority of my God-given Work is on the computer, sending emails and writing articles that appear all over the world of the internet.

I give credit where credit is due, so help me God. However, everybody makes mistakes. We all have our blind spots and that's perfectly understandable. Perhaps God permits some mistakes to observe how we respond to constructive criticism, whether we're willing to grow, and to remind us to forever be diligent that what we teach is in accordance with His Word and that all truth belongs to God - not to any one man, group or organization (1 Corinthians 4:4-7), even if they think they're rich and have need of nothing (Revelation 3:17).

Are we set in our ways or do we maintain the childlike attitude, humility and willingness to change whenever necessary, as we experienced with our "first love" and initial conversion? What is inexcusable is when mistakes are clearly pointed out, beyond any shadow of a doubt, and we prefer traditional darkness rather than walk in our new light of understanding (John 3:19-21). Why remain a slave to idolatrous tradition when the plain truth can set you free?

Gerald Flurry confused Mount Hermon with Mount Carmel on several occasions, so I wrote him and kindly pointed it out. He admitted in a letter to me that he had confused the two. (That's when I was still an official member of the PCG and contact was possible, as far as they're concerned). I knew Flurry had made a mistake since I was blessed to have lived next to both mountains: I lived next to Mount Carmel when I was a volunteer at Kibbutz Ramat Yohanan, and I lived next to the snow-covered Mt. Hermon at Kibbutz Dan during Operation Desert Storm, as I mention in From Toledo to Jerusalem.

I used to cringe when I would read the Philadelphia Trumpet magazine and find references to "Palestine," knowing that such a Satan-inspired term was used by the pagan Romans to spite the Jews after defeating and dispersing them, renaming the holy land after Israel's anicent enemies, the Philistines.

"Palestine" reflects the dark mind that would erase the name of our father Israel off the map (Psalms 83:4), as the wicked Iranian leader has recently called for, and the use of "Palestine" is totally unscriptural! We ought to call the Promised Land of Israel what God in His Bible has clearly named it: Israel - not Ishmael, not Philistine. How simple. All the more when you understand how politicized the usage of "Palestine" has become, aiding and abetting the sworn enemies of our Jewish brethren when we don't refer to the Jewish homeland as Israel.

I wrote Gerald Flurry, his son Stephen Flurry and others to protest using the accursed "Palestine" rather than Israel, and it appears to have registered with them for awhile, thank God, and then they reverted to their bad habit. I haven't noticed lately whether or not they still use the wrong word for the Jewish homeland. I hope not. Regardless, it is Israel and God forbid it ever become "Palestine!"

Gerald Flurry's most recent article on Jerusalem repeats his false teaching that the "Palestinians" will conquer East Jerusalem, followed by Europe control of all Jerusalem.

Here are a few excerpts:

From the Editor: Jerusalem Is About to Be Cut in Half

The Zechariah 14 Prophecy

"For I [Jesus Christ] will gather all nations against Jerusalem to battle; and the city shall be taken, and the houses rifled, and the women ravished; and half of the city shall go forth into captivity, and the residue of the people shall not be cut off from the city" (Zechariah 14:2). Note the big overview Zechariah gives us. There are three phases to this crisis. Zechariah starts at the Second Coming of Christ, the third phase, and works his way backward chronologically."

Christ is not working backwards, but Flurry has got it backwards! Zechariah 14 clearly states international opposition against Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, leading to the European Union seizing the whole city - "THE CITY shall be taken" - and following that, undoubtedly trying to appease the Arabs, the European Union forcibly divides Jerusalem.

Other prophecies reveal that Jerusalem will suffer under the EU jackboot for 3 1/2 years. When the "time of the Gentiles" is up, King Messiah will return from Heaven (in full view of all mankind) and liberate Jerusalem and fight against our enemies. This is the BIBLICAL ORDER OF JERUSALEM'S FALL, DIVISION AND LIBERATION.

Continue with Flurry's article:
"The verse starts with Christ conquering the European and Asian powers who are gathered together for battle. Then there is a semicolon, which means all these events in verse 2 are linked and closely associated."

The verse doesn't start with the European and Asian powers gathered for "Armageddon," that comes later. It starts with international opposition to Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, led by fascist Europe under the evil influence of the bloody Roman Catholic Church that has its evil eye on Jerusalem.

"The first semicolon introduces the second phase of this violent time. The city shall be taken, houses rifled and women ravished. This is when the king of the north (Europe) conquers the whole city of Jerusalem (also America and Britain), shortly after he conquers the king of the south (Daniel 11:40-41)."

There are no semicolons in Hebrew. Europe will strike terror into the Muslim world with a swift victory against them, a lightning strike that will go to their head, and then Europe will brutally betray and seize all of Jerusalem, divide it, and occupy Jerusalem.

The final revival of the Roman Empire will remain stationed in the Holy Land, headquarters Jerusalem, until the King of the Jews, the King of Israel, returns to reign, deposes Europe's wannabe divine emperor (and his religious promoter) who have trespassed upon the Temple Mount and polluted the Temple. Yeshua will liberate His City, the City of the Great King, and administer world justice from the throne of King David.

"The Palestinians will take half of Jerusalem. They say even now that a Palestinian state must include East Jerusalem, which already is comprised mostly of Palestinians, and the Temple Mount. They want Jerusalem, with the Temple Mount, as their capital. If they take the Temple Mount, you could see that act quickly provoking more war. The Temple Mount is holy to three great religions: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. It is the Jews' holiest site. The Arabs consider it their second- or third-holiest site. Christians, especially Roman Catholics, put more emphasis on the whole city. (Remember the Crusades?)"

The "Palestinians" are in no position whatsoever to take anything. Everything they have the Israelis have foolishly surrendered to them. It is because the Arabs demand East Jerusalem (actually they want all of Jerusalem) that Europe will seize Jerusalem and rip Israel's heart in two, while keeping the Temple Mount (with its imminent Third Temple) for themselves.

"The Palestinians could--and, I believe, will--conquer the Temple Mount and refuse access to anybody else. "

The Temple Mount is the third most holy spot for Muslims, following Mecca and Medina, since legend has it Mohammad ascended to Heaven from that sacred site, although the Koran does not mention Jerusalem even once, although it's mentioned over 600 times in the Hebrew Bible.

Satan knows the importance of Jerusalem even if some professing Christians and Jews have forgotten it, which is why Satan has stirred up the Nazi-Muslims to covet the Temple Mount and pollute it with their foreign objects that must soon be removed - either by an Act of God (earthquake) or responsible Israeli action - restoring the Temple Mount as the Temple Mount. Appropriately, the Temple Mount Faithful and the Temple Institute are educating folks in Israel and around the world, both Jews, Israelites and Gentiles, preparing for that glorious day.

The Nazi-Muslim's already occupy the Temple Mount! They've illegally denied the religious rights of Christians and Jews since 1967. That's when Moshe Dayan (cursed in Jewish history for such a sin that stinks to High Heaven) despised God and Judaism's holiest site - the Temple Mount - and surrendered it to the shocked Muslim authorities after it had been miraculously liberated during the Six Day War.

I was unjustly deported from Israel for highlighting the plight of the Temple Mount under Nazi-Muslim occupation - in various articles read throughout Israel (and since throughout the world). The Israeli authorities shamefully look the other way daily as the Muslims flout Israeli law that supposedly guarantees "freedom of access" to religious sites.

Even though the British "ordained" Chief Rabbinate forbids those who listen to them (they have no legal authority regarding the Temple Mount) from entering the Temple Mount compound, more educated and faithful Jews know there are "permitted places" they can make holy pilgrimage to without sinning. The Temple Institute and others arrange such holy tours for those Jews who want to properly visit the Temple Mount according to halacha (Jewish law).

Why should anybody listen to the religious prostitutes of the Chief Rabbinate, paid for and in service to the state, especially when Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger just invited the Dalai Lama to help him create a UN of religions in Jerusalem? What an invitation for disaster! What spiritual blindness or colloboration with the dark forces that are intent on wresting Jerusalem from the Jews.

Thankfully, God commands Israel to build His Santuary, a House of Prayer for All Peoples, based upon His Word and Will that will soon be fulfilled.

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer in Ohio and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out Beyond Babylon.

Friday, March 10, 2006

Ariel Sharon: Return to the Temple Mount!

Ariel Sharon: Return to the Temple Mount!
By David Ben-Ariel
UPI Religion & Spirituality Forum
Published January 8, 2006

Dear Prime Minister Ariel Sharon:

As you are very much aware, Lubavitcher rabbis presented to the Court of High Heaven a petition against you, signed, sealed and delivered. You have incensed the Great G-d in the highest heaven and His servants with your stench of betrayal, despising your biblical birthright and inheritance and expressing a willingness to transfer Jews for a g-dless peace that will only invite bloody German-Jesuit EU intervention and disaster for British-Israelites and Jews worldwide.

The master of the universe empowered you to become prime minister of His homeland and took you from your ranch in the Negev to help shepherd His people and your brethren and protect them from the many wolves within and without the holy land. Instead you have been branded as one who would dismember our mother (Israel) and dismantle the temple (Jerusalem and the Temple Mount) by following the blind leadership of President George W. Bush with his road map that seeks to throw away the biblical blueprint for a just and lasting solution for peace in the Middle East.

You were rewarded with your position as leader of Judah, sanctified from the day you set foot upon G-d's holy mountain and reminded the whole world of its supreme importance. You were to use your G-d given power and influence as a chariot/tank of G-d to roll over and crush the enemies of G-d and Israel fearlessly, like the warrior-king David fought the battles of the Lord. You were to strike terror into the wicked heart of Amalek and faithfully destroy every threat to the land and people of Israel with G-d as your fiery shield. (Zech 12:6).

Just because you're not religious doesn't mean the Great G-d of the Hebrews can't use you to help fulfill His plans and purpose for Jerusalem and Israel. You should have joined hands with your British-Israelite brethren, and encouraged them to utterly defeat our common terrorist foes! (Zech. 9:13). G-d would have blessed your efforts.

You can redeem yourself, save your skin and salvation! How? Return to the Temple Mount that empowered you! Clearly stake Israeli sovereignty over it in no uncertain terms, throwing down the wicked Wakf from Judaism's holiest site, just as the Romans evicted the corrupt Sanhedrin from the noble enclosure.

Make aliyah (ascend) to Har HaBayit (Temple Mount) with Gershon Salomon, Chaim Richman, Rav Ariel and other men of G-d and pray for Israel's deliverance and receive it. Only then would the aforementioned rabbis letter be returned to sender, marked null and void. This opportunity of a lifetime is yours for the asking. It's your responsibility. It's your choice.

Shema Ariel Sharon: Choose life and live and prosper!

For Zion's Sake,
David Ben-Ariel

(This open letter to Ariel Sharon was originally published July 7, 2004 by Think-Israel.)

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer in Ohio and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. His email is and blog is Beyond Babylon
copyright 2005 by David Ben-Ariel



Journey to Unity Series, Essay 33b

copyright (c) 2006 by Mr. Yosef Ben Shlomo HaKohen

LIBERATED YERUSHALIYIM, D.C. (David's Capital), Liberated Israelite Tribal Territories of Yehudah and Binyamin, Kingdom of David and Shlomo, United Israelite Kingdom of Yehudah and Yosef, Erev Shabbat (Eve of the Jewish Sabbath), Yom Shishi, 10 Adar, 5766, Root & Branch Information Services [] []:

Dear Friends,

In Letter 27 of this series, we learned that the Second Temple was destroyed because of unwarranted hatred. We have a tradition, however, that through correcting the sins which led to the destruction of the Second Temple, we contribute to the building of the Third Temple. This teaching is discussed in the writings of the Chofetz Chaim, a sage of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. For example, he writes:

"It is well known that true peace is impossible without zealousness in avoiding unwarranted hatred and loshon hara -- speaking information which is either derogatory or potentially harmful to another individual. Every person who will strive to correct these sins will have a share in the building of the Third Temple, for without such people, the Temple would remain destroyed forever, Heaven forfend".

[Shemiras HaLashon 2:7 - cited in ArtScroll's "Tishah B'Av"]

Upon reading the above teaching, one may start to think about how the "other" person needs to uproot hatred from his heart and be careful how he speaks about others. One may forget, however, to apply this teaching to one's own self. The Chofetz Chaim therefore reminds us:

What each of us must do is uproot baseless hatred from within one's self, refrain from speaking loshon hara, and acquire the quality of shalom. How exalted will be those who merit these accomplishments, for when the Messiah will appear and the Temple will be built, it will become known that they played an important role in bringing this about.

[Shimiras HaLashon - cited in Art Scroll's "Chofetz Chaim: A Lesson A Day"]

In general, all the mitzvos (commandments) we perform can contribute to the building of the Temple. The Sfas Emes, a Chassidic sage of the late 19th century, refers to this idea in a talk given in the year 5634, on the Shabbos before Tisha B'Av. He teaches that every generation that adds spirituality to the world -- by bringing light to where darkness had previously reigned -- participates in building the Holy Temple.

The Sfas Emes adds that the same process also operates at the level of each individual. Just as the community, as a whole, can help to rebuild the Temple, so too, each individual's actions can help to rebuild the Temple. In this spirit, it's been said that each mitzvah adds a "brick" to the future Temple.

"May it be Your will, HaShem, our God and the God of our ancestors, that the Holy Temple be rebuilt, speedily in our days".

[Daily Prayer]

Shabbat Shalom and Purim Sameach from Liberated Yerushaliyim,

Mr. Yosef Ben Shlomo Hakohen

Advisory Board Member, Ecology Fellowship, Root & Branch Association, Ltd.
Advisory Board Member, Social Welfare Fellowship, Root & Branch Association, Ltd.
Author, "The Universal Jew" (Feldheim Publishers)
Editor, Shema Yisrael website: "Hazon: Our Universal Vision"


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2. The above insights of the Sfas Emes were taken from the Sfas Emes Weekly e-mail which is prepared by Dr. Nosson Chayim Leff. These insights appeared in the mailing for the Torah portion of Devarim. To subscribe to the Sfas Emes Weekly Email, please send an email message to:

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Europe after Iran gets Jerusalem

"'Removing settlers from Gaza policy.' Painful but necessary," chants Peter Sain ley Berry in "Are we heading for a second war in the middle east?," perpetuating the BIG LIE that "land for peace" has worked, which it clearly hasn't. Why insanely continue such a demonstrably failed policy of appeasement and expect different results? Why reward terrorism? Israel has a lot less land and isn't an inch closer to peace.

Another BIG LIE repeated is that the "Palestinian" problem is the root of all Arab evils. That has been disproven time and again, for those interested in the facts. As Genesis 16: 12 accurately profiled - "He will be a wild donkey of a man; his hand will be against everyone and everyone's hand against him, and he will live in hostility toward all his brothers." The Arabs have fought against each other and among each other long before the fictitious "Palestinian" people were forged as a political ploy that has duped the willing world that hates Jews, whether they express it diplomatically or engage in terrorism against innocent men, women, children and babies.

Every one of Israel's "peace partners" still call for Israel's destruction and do nothing to silence those among them who loudly call for genocide against the Jews, as is documented in their charters and covenants of death for all to see. Yet the world continues to hide its head in the sands of delusion and shamefully looks the other way. The Nazi-Muslims, like Hitler, have unapologetically made known their intentions. Why ignore or downplay them? It will not make them go away.

It's past time Israel enforce peace through strength, remove sworn Arab enemies and squatters from the Jewish homeland, as former Israeli Parliament Member Meir Kahane logically called for and Israel foolishly refused to do, and now - like some twisted tale from the Twilight Zone - the Israelis are expelling innocent Jews! At least Israel has proven that expulsions are possible, at least of Jews since such a Judenrein policy was undertaken without a cry of protest from the world. Where was the UN? Regardless, Israel must give Arabs for peace. Painful but necessary. Let the Arabs make concessions for peace. Let them feel the "pain" that Israel has too long endured.

"When Israel - the right of whose people to live in security and at peace within internationally recognised borders is absolute - is able, with the backing of the United States, to flout UN Resolutions with impunity, the whole system of international security is thrown into disrepute. "

Such an oxymoronic statement belies the harsh reality that Israel's right to live in security and peace is definitely not absolute to many in the hypocritical UN, as is proven by the continual bombardment of one-sided UN resolutions that would threaten Israeli security and peace if not ignored. When the UN engages in such bombastic resolutions against Israel, time and again, that the United States sees through and therefore wisely resists, the whole system of international security is violated by those of ill repute, degenerating the UN into a bully body of international thugs.

Israel, unlike Iran, has proven their remarkable restraint over the years, since they haven't used their nuclear weapons against those nations that have menaced the Jewish homeland. Israel's unheard of restraint is to a fault, since if they had removed the threat others pose against them, as they removed the pagan Osirak (Iraq's nuclear reactor) with a preemptive strike, the world would be a much safer place today.

Iran has gotten away with murder with their shrill calls for the elimination of Israel off the map (Psalms 83:4). Could you imagine Israel saying such a thing and not being expelled from the UN? However, Europe will soon force belligerent Iran to comply or die: Iran must cease and desist from their nuclear threat or Europe will strike terror in Tehran!

If Iran persists in their proud and stubborn ways, if they harden their heart against all reason, Iran will provoke the EU to contain the situation to keep Israel restrained. The EU rapid response to Iran's nuclear jihad will be a new crusade.

As the United States called upon Israel to become their virtual protectorate during Operation Desert Storm, the European Union will offer Israel guarantees of peace and security. Europe, not the overextended and highly inflated United States, will take out Iran.

However, even as the United States later pressured Israel to go to murderous Madrid as repayment and begin the lying "peace process," the European Union will expect to deploy "peacekeeping" troops in and around Jerusalem as a buffer zone and enforce the accursed UN Resolution 181.

Jerusalem is in danger of becoming the capital of Europe's Crusader Kingdom. The German-Jesuit EU will defeat Iran for Jerusalem. Woe to Ariel, Ariel, the City where David dwelt!

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

"And God spoke to Moses..."

"And G-d spoke to Moshe..."

Adar 7, 5766/March 7, 2006

How many times do we read that phrase in the Torah? How many times is the name Moshe (Moses) mentioned? Literally hundreds. In fact, from the moment that his birth is recorded at the beginning of the book of Shmot (Exodus), right up to the mention of his passing in parashat V'zot Habracha, at the conclusion of the book of Deuteronomy, his name can be found in every single weekly Torah reading - minus one: this week's parasha, Tetzaveh, (Exodus 27:20 - 30:10). This Torah portion, which includes the details of the priestly garments, does not mention the name of Moshe even once. His name is such a natural part of the Divine transmission of commandments and such a ubiquitous part of the Torah narrative, that its omission in this week's parasha demands explanation.

The answer to the mystery can be found in the Torah portion of Ki Tisa, to be read in two weeks time, which describes the grievous sin of the golden calf. Moses, realizing the enormity of the transgression, goes before the Holy One, Blessed Be He, and says the following: "Oh, this people have sinned a great sin, and have made them a god of gold. Yet now, if You will, forgive their sin; but if not, blot me, I pray You, out of Your book, which You have written." (Exodus 32:31,32) This selfless plea on behalf of his people, so characteristic of Moses' attribute of true humility, remains an unsurpassable expression of leadership. And so G-d did as Moshe insisted, for the words of the righteous are not uttered in vain. Such words are powerful, and make a permanent impression. The people were forgiven, and as a testimony to Moshe's selfless stand on their behalf, his name does not appear, even once, in this week's parashat Tetzaveh.

But one question remains: why Tetzaveh? Why is this the week in which his name is missing? This very day provides the answer, for the key lays in the portion's proximity to Adar 7th, the day, both of Moshe's birth, and of his death, (for the years of the righteous are complete - "the number of your days I will fulfill" (Ex. 23:26)). This modest "omission" speaks volumes about the character of the man called by Jews of every generation, Moshe rabbeinu - Moses our master.

Also on this week's TEMPLE TALK: Purim is approaching! On this day we celebrate the downfall of the wicked Haman, eat, drink, exchange gifts of food, give tzedaka - charity - to the poor, and blot out the memory of Amalek. Why is this day considered by our sages to be one of the greatest of all the Jewish holidays? Why is it likened to Yom Hakippurim, the holiest of days? How can a day of fasting and prayer be compared to a day of feasting and merriment? In the Holy Temple, on Yom Kippur, and only on Yom Kippur, the High Priest (Cohen Gadol ) uttered the holy ineffable name of G-d. The celebration of Purim centers around the reading of the scroll of Esther. Why is Esther the only book of all 24 books of the Tanach in which G-d's name does not appear? In fact, G-d's presence is completely hidden throughout the events that transpire as the Purim story unfolds. The secret of Purim is the revelation that what appears at times as fact is little more than fiction, and what we may perceive as truth, is but a web of lies. G-d's "hiddeness" can be seen everywhere. His silence roars like thunder.

Also hidden from view is the true historical context of the Purim tale: the struggle to complete the rebuilding of the Second Temple, and the ultimate triumph of the righteous Mordechai, and the Jewish nation, over the wicked Haman, scion of the evil seed of Amalek.

For an in-depth teaching of all the above principles, and much more, please click to hear this week's TEMPLE TALK, with Rabbi Chaim Richman.

Please note: next Monday, (Adar 13/March 13), is the fast of Esther, and we will not be broadcasting a new episode of TEMPLE TALK until Monday, March 20th, with G-d's help.

A new online study feature is now available: The Tabernacle: A Thumbnail Sketch is a modest guide to the basic construction, assembly, and transportation of the tabernacle that accompanied the children of Israel throughout their forty year sojourn in the wilderness.

If you haven't yet viewed our video tour of the Temple Mount with Rabbi Chaim Richman, please click here.

This just in: The Temple Institute's Temple Hagadda, (in English), has just been reprinted, and is now available for purchase. This beautifully illustrated book, with insightful commentary by Temple Institute founder Rabbi Yisrael Ariel, (translated into English by Rabbi Chaim Richman), brings the Seder alive, as it was celebrated in Temple times. You will imagine yourself as one of the thousands of Passover pilgrims in Jerusalem, taking in the sights, the sounds, and the inner meaning of the Festival of Freedom as it was experienced 2000 years ago. Order now to ensure delivery by Passover, (April 12). Click here to order.

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The Tabernacle

Dalai Lama's impure associations

Apparently Israel's Chief Rabbi Yonah Metzger wasn't troubled by this information or is woefully ignorant of it or worse yet - in agreement with it, since he invited such a dark luminous human being to collaborate in a religious UN in Jerusalem! Shame on the worthless butcher of Jerusalem and polluter of the holy Temple Mount!

Dalai Lama’s Nazi Friends

Dalai Lama’s Nazi Friends topic posted Wed, May 11, 2005 - 5:56 PM by vyking

...Many of us tend to see Buddhism in a somewhat sanctimonious light; I've heard people say "there's never been a Buddhist holy war!", which isn't really accurate.

Anyway, here's an example of how anything, even the Dhamma, can be corrupted... This is food for thought, not an assertion of position by me.


(excerpt from: Fascist Occultism and its Close Relationship to Buddhist Tantrism

"Visionary fascism was, and indeed still is, exceptionally deeply fascinated by the Buddhocratic form of state. In the late thirties (as the various fascist systems bloomed in Europe and the whole world) Spencer Chapman, a traveler in Tibet, wrote that even in the days of the dictators one can only be amazed at what uncontested power the Dalai Lama possesses” (Chapman, 1940, p. 192). The idea of kingship of the world, the uniting of spiritual and secular power in a single person, the ideology of war in the Shambhala myth, the uncompromisingly androcentric orientation, the tantric vision of the feminine, the whole occult ambience and much more besides were specifically adopted by several fascist ideologists and welded together into an aggressive myth. As we shall soon see, entire fascist systems are based upon the adoption of Tibetan/tantric doctrines.

The Fourteenth Dalai Lama's national socialist friends:

As depressing as it may be for the Nobel peace prize winner's followers, there has been continuous contact between the Dalai Lama and the far right wing and former national socialists (Nazis). His close friendship with his German mentor, Heinrich Harrer has become the most well-known of these. It caused a small scandal in 1997-1998 when, after years of research, the Austrian journalist, Gerald Lehner, succeeded in making public Harrer's "brown-shirt" (i.e., German fascist) past, which the latter had been able to keep secret for many years. Harrer is not just anybody. He is one of the best-known international authors and has sold over four million books in 57 languages (mostly about Tibet and the Fourteenth Dalai Lama).

The Austrian mountain climber and competition skier joined the SS on April 1, 1938 and in the same year received instructions to climb Nanga Parbat in the Himalayas after an official meeting with Adolf Hitler. Heinrich Himmler, himself most interested in occult phenomena is said by Harrer to have offered him a Tibet expedition. In 1942, the Reichsfuhrer of the SS (Himmler) ordered the creation of the Sven Hedin Institut fur Innerasienforschung [Sven Hedin Institute for Central Asian Research]. This educational establishment had combined esoteric, scientific, and racial studies goals. It was completely in this vein that Himmler was interested in occult doctrines from "mysterious Tibet", and assumed —- probably under the influence of theosophical ideas -— that a "race with Nordic blood" existed there, oppressed by the English and Chinese, and waiting for their liberation by the Germans. Himmler's "advisor", reports the German magazine Spiegel, “...and the scientist Ernst Schaefer believed that Tibet was the cradle of humanity, the refuge of an 'Aryan root race', where a priestly caste had created a mysterious kingdom of Shambhala -— decorated with the Buddhist symbol of the wheel of teaching, a swastika. In 1934 Schaefer set out on the first of two expeditions financed by the SS to track down remnants of the 'Nordic intellectual' nobility” (Spiegel, 16/1998, p. 111).

Dr. Ernst Schaefer, a specialist on Tibet and an ornithologist, was one of Himmler’s personal staff and in 1943 took over the scientific leadership of the notorious project, "Ahnenerbe" (‘ancestral inheritance’), primarily devoted to racial studies. His third research trip to the Himalayas was officially described as the "SS Schaefer Expedition" and was considered a huge success (Kater 1997, p. 80). Upon his return in August 1939, the scientist was presented with the SS skull ring and dagger of honor in recognition. Subsequently, the Reichsfuhrer of the black corps (Himmler) had grand plans for his protege: Schaefer was supposed to return to Tibet and "stir up the Tibetan army against the British/Indian troops" with a shock troop of 30 men (Kater, 1997, p. 212). The undertaking was, however, called off at Hitler’s direct order. In the years to follow, Schaefer instead built up the Sven Hedin Institute for Central Asian Research with great success, making it the largest division within the Ahnenerbe project.

But let us return to Heinrich Harrer. War broke out while he was still in India and the young German was interned by the British. It was not until 1944 that he was able to flee to Tibet with a comrade. Coincidence or fate led to his acting as the young Dalai Lama's personal tutor until the early 50s, and teaching him about all the "wonders" of western civilization and introducing him to the English language as well. It is very likely that his lessons were tainted by the contemporary zeitgeist which had swept through Hitler's Germany, and not by the British attitudes of the envoy Hugh Richardson, also present in Lhasa. This led in fact to some problems at the court of the young god-king and the English were not happy about his contact to Harrer. But there are nevertheless no grounds for describing the lessons the former SS member gave his "divine" pupil as fascist, particularly since they were primarily given after the end of the World War II. In 1952 His Holiness’s German “teacher “ returned to Europe.

The adaptation to film of Harrer's autobiographic bestseller, Seven Years in Tibet, triggered an international protest. Since the famous traveler through Tibet had told director Jean Jacques Annaud nothing about his "brown-shirt" past, and this only became public knowledge after the film had been finished, Annaud felt pressured to introduce "corrections". A remorseful Austrian was now shown, who begins his mountain-climbing career as a supporter of a regime accused of genocide and then, under the influence of the young Kundun and Tibetan Buddhism, reforms to become a "campaigner for human rights". In the film, he says of the brutal Chinese: "Terrible -— I dare not think about how I myself was once so intolerant" (Stern 41/97, p. 24).

Reinhold Messner, the famous mountain climber, found such an admission of guilt from Hollywood's dream factory difficult to understand. He spoke up, confirming that he had long known about Harrer's political opinions. This man, he said had up until the present day still not learned anything, he still believed in the national socialist alpinist ideals. In contrast, the Dalai Lama's brother, Gyalo Thondup, defended the former SS member with the tasteless argument that what the Chinese had done to the Tibetans was worse and more cruel than what the Nazis had done to the Jews.

It is a fact that Harrer — in his own account -- first turned against the Chinese invaders at the end of the fifties, after he had already left Tibet. There is not the slightest trace of a deep catharsis as depicted in Annaud's film to be found in the German's books. This was purely an invention of the director to avoid losing face before a world audience.

The journalist Gerhard Lehner also pursued a second lead: on September 13, 1994 eight veterans who had visited and reported from Tibet before 1950 met with the Dalai Lama in London. In a photo taken to record the occasion a second major SS figure can be seen beside Heinrich Harrer and directly behind the Kundun, Dr. Bruno Beger. Beger was the actual "expert" who pushed forward the racial studies research by Himmler's Ahnenerbe project (Kater, 1997, p. 208). He too, like the Tibetan explorer Ernst Schaefer, was a member of Himmler's personal staff. In 1939 he went to the Himalayas as a member of the SS Expedition. There he measured the skulls of more than 400 Tibetans in order to investigate a possible relationship between the Tibetan and Aryan 'races'. In 1943, Beger was sent to Auschwitz where he took the measurements of 150 mainly Jewish prisoners. These were later killed and added to a collection of skeletons. In 1971 Beger appeared in a German court and was sentenced to three years imprisonment on probation for his national socialist crimes.

The racialist, who was the last survivor of the "SS Schaefer Expedition" (dying in 1998), met His Holiness the Fourteenth Dalai Lama at least five times (in 1983, 1984, 1985, 1986, and 1994). The meetings were all very hearty affairs. The former SS member dedicated a small brochure entitled "My Encounters with the Ocean of Knowledge" to the first three (Beger, 1986).

The Dalai Lama (worshipped by his followers as the "Ocean of Wisdom" because of his "omniscience") claims not to have been informed about his Nazi friends' past. One may well believe this, yet he has not distanced himself from them since their exposure. His statements about Adolf Hitler and the "final solution to the question of the Jews" also seem strange. Just like his brother, Gyalo Thondup, he sees the dictator as a more noble figure than the Chinese occupiers of Tibet: "In 1959, in Lhasa, the Chinese shot Tibetan families from aeroplanes with machine guns. Systematic destruction in the name of liberation against the tyranny of the Dalai Lama! Hu, Hu, Hu! In Hitler's case he was more honest. In concentration camps he made it clear he intended to exterminate the Jews. With the Chinese they called us their brothers! Big brother bullying little brother! Hu, Hu, Hu! It's less honest, I think". (Daily Telegraph, August 15, 1998)..."

continued: Fascist Occultism and its Close Relationship to Buddhist Tantrism

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Temple Mount tour by Chaim Richman

Temple Mount tour by Chaim Richman on video

Special Announcement
Adar 2, 5766/March 1, 2006

In August, 2005, the latter half of the month of Av, Rabbi Chaim Richman, accompanied by several friends, ascended the Temple Mount. This visit was documented on camera. In this classic visit to the Mount, in strict accordance with Jewish halachic law, Rabbi Richman takes the viewer on a complete tour of the holiest site on earth. You will learn the history of the Mount and where the Sanctuary and its courtyards were located, and you will also see stark evidence of the illegal Moslem destruction on the Mount presently taking place. You will witness the difficulties experienced by all Jews who visit the Temple Mount today. You will stand literally meters away from where the Holy of Holies once stood and will stand again. Footage of this nature has never before been presented for public viewing. Now it can be viewed online. The 90 minute long video has been formatted in two parts. To take the tour, please click here.

Our gratitude to our friend at Electric Scribe, who has worked tirelessly to make this dream possible.

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