Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pat Robertson fails to warn Christian pilgrims not to pray where Jesus prayed - upon the Temple Mount

“Walk where Jesus walked, pray where Jesus prayed, stand where He stood. There is no other place like it on earth,” said Pat Robertson, American televangelist and former presidential candidate as part of a new advertising campaign paid for by Israel to promote tourism in the country.” (The Jerusalem Post, 9/28/06)

I encourage every Christian to visit the Holy Land of Israel and urge every Jew to follow Judaism to the Jewish homeland. After all, the Prophets announce Jerusalem is destined to host the long-awaited "House of Prayer for all peoples." Bible believers trust the Third Temple is coming soon!

I encourage Israel to live up to the 1967 Law for the Protection of the Holy Places that guarantees FREEDOM OF ACCESS to religious sites for pilgrims - an access denied Christians and faithful Jews today! How can Christians pray where Jesus and his disciples, later apostles, both taught and prayed when the Israeli authorities aid and abet a Nazi-Muslim occupation of the Temple Mount that illegally forbids it? And why accuse those of us who highlight the plight of the Temple Mount, exposing this hypocrisy, of harboring dangerous ideas?

Jerusalem's abomination of desolation - a Temple Mount without a temple - and its deplorable status quo of religious discrimination by Muslim guards against Christians and Jews, against both the laws of God and men, must end! Israel must stop rewarding terrorism, shamefully cowering before Muslim threats of violence and REMOVE THE THREAT. It's past time the Israeli authorities practice what they preach: "freedom of access."

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

German pope's message for Jews

The Bavarian pope's "message" for Jewry is Islam is to be conquered and subdued and then the Jews. I'm sure the German pope could find many GERMAN EMPERORS to quote to substantiate his claim. However, let Jews understand that the bloody Roman Catholic Cult is not biblical or representative of Christianity in any manner, shape or form and has always persecuted the Sabbath-keeping Church of God and Jews for reminding folks of this fact.

Germany and the Vatican have a grand design, coming together and emerging from its underground existence before our very eyes, of a German-dominated European Union, a revived "Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation," Germany's Fourth Reich, that has its evil eye on Jerusalem, especially Mount Zion and the Temple Mount.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Collaboration between Rome and Jerusalem?

One must question whether or not this present "Sanhedrin" (in training or preparation) would agree to some deal with the Vatican over Jerusalem. Would the "Sanhedrin" submit to an arrangement where the Roman Catholic Church is offered their long sought control of Mount Zion (with "guarantees" of freedom of access for Jews to King David's Tomb) in exchange for the restoration of Jewish authority over the Temple Mount (with the go ahead given for the construction of the Third Temple by the release of the Temple treasures from Rome to Jerusalem), with the understanding that when UN Resolution 181 is enforced such a "Sanhedrin" would be elevated and respected as the legitimate Jewish rulers/representatives, considering the secular shell of a state will soon be history?

The Chief Rabbinate already flirts with foreign occupation. Are there any other groups in Israel that couldn't care less who runs the state - UNJews or actual Gentiles - as long as they're free to worship and left alone to lead Jewish lives?

I hope and pray nobody trusts the German-dominated EU or the bloody Vatican, as Zechariah reveals such Roman wolves in sheep's clothing will brutally betray and occupy Jerusalem, expelling the entire Jewish Quarter, as Mount Zion is merely a stepping stone to the coveted Temple Mount.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Temple Institute: Listening to the Shofar: Hearing the Divine Breath of Life

Listening to the Shofar: Hearing the Divine Breath of Life

Elul 11, 5766/September 4, 2006
parashat Ki Tavo

This month of Elul provides us with a spiritual moment in which to shed our worldly pretensions and vanities, and simply be ourselves. For our essential and simple inner self is what G-d truly desires as He sets out from His distant abode, as it were, and seeks us out now in the month of Elul. Preparing for the judgment of all mankind is not so much a matter of taking on vows of self improvement as it is stripping ourselves of all the dross and illusion of self-importance in which we envelope ourselves throughout the days of the year.

Rosh Hashana marks the completion of the process of creation of all existence with the birth of Adam Harishon - the first man. Having created the parameters of His kingdom, G-d now breaths the breath of life into Man - His subject. And as the descendants of the first Man, we are all His subjects, and no day is more propitious for recognizing G-d's sovereignty over us all than Rosh Hashana, the day of our birth. And only once we have recognized G-d's role as our creator and our Sovereign are we able to take upon ourselves the awesome task of repentance.

G-d draws near to us in this month of Elul, (the King is in the field), and we in return draw near to Him as we stand before Him on Rosh Hashana. The purity of this intimacy can be seen in the Hebrew letter yod which is associated with the month of Elul. The smallest and simplest of all the letters of the Hebrew alphabet, the yod represents that small, still pure, still unspoiled spot within us that connects us to the Divine. Similarly, the Rosh Hashana service focuses on the single commandment to hear the sound of the blowing of the shofar. For the voice of the shofar is the voice within us, the very breath of life which G-d has breathed into us. By hearing the shofar we are reliving our own birth as Adam on the sixth day of creation. We are literally inspired to renew and refresh our life-bond with our Creator.

Join Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven as they discuss Elul, Rosh Hashana, and prayer on the Temple Mount in this week's Temple Talk broadcast.

Be sure to tune into Rabbi Richman's weekly internet TV series, Light to the Nations, as he teaches this week about the Temple Scroll and the distinctive aspects of the Holy Temple as described by the scroll. A new show is posted every Thursday. Both the current show and archived shows can be viewed online or downloaded 24 hours a day. To view Light to the Nations, or to learn more about it, please click here.

With blessings from Jerusalem,
Yitzchak Reuven

PO Box 31876
Jerusalem, Israel 97500

Sunday, September 03, 2006



signed by

His Beattitude Patriarch Michel Sabbah
Latin Patriarchate, Jerusalem

Archbishop Swerios Malki Mourad,
Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate, Jerusalem

Bishop Riah Abu El-Assal,
Episcopal Church of Jerusalem and the Middle East

Bishop Munib Younan,
Evangelical Lutheran Church in Jordan and the Holy Land

This demonic document - the declaration of war against Christian Zionists - ought to be used as evidence by Israel to expel such sworn Arab enemies from the Holy Land. They clearly represent treacherous interests and misrepresent the REAL Jesus with their murderous hatred against Jews, the Promised Land of ISRAEL - the Jewish Homeland - and those Christian Zionists who know how the bloody RCC aids and abets terrorists instead of supporting God’s Word and Will.

What is so ironic is that the Vatican will soon “inspire” the German-Jesuit Europe to wage war against Islam, wielding their dark power and influence over Germany (who dominates Europe). The EU will repel the crescent with the cross.

Read Beyond Babylon yet?

Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall is destined to become a national debate and an international controversy because it dares to speak the plain truth in a world of lies!



Beyond Babylon
Chapter One

Survival Guaranteed!

The DEVASTATION unleashed against America and her British allies was without precedent. Destruction was everywhere and a body count impossible. The catastrophe was beyond calculation.

Europe - gripped with a messianic furor - justified this mass destruction of the body to "save the soul." Besides, they had the blessing of the pope. His white robes were stained with the blood of many martyrs.

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 2

Why National Defeat?

Why are we in mortal danger? Why will the American, British and Jewish people SUFFER national defeat? How could Europe ever turn against us?

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 3

Truth or Consequences

As global tensions increase, and threats of confrontation escalate, we might very well wonder whether humanity will survive. Unless there’s a GOD to intervene, we have a bleak future indeed: a DEAD PLANET! Will earth become a nuclear fireball? Will charred bones - aftermath of unleashed atomic fires - and the smoldering ruins of a suicidal civilization be all that’s left?

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 4

Victims of Tradition

Whenever our behavior gets out of control, God lets us loose control! When we’re held hostage to bad habits, and refuse to let them go, we go into captivity! A national lack of discipline results in God sending corrective punishment! Then we wake up and get with it, and beg God to save us. The whole purpose is to bring us to our knees and senses.

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 5

Europe's Fate

What’s going to happen to Europe? We know what’s going to happen to the American and British peoples, as well as to our Jewish brethren. The coming WORLD CRISIS is prophesied to fall especially hard on them. Why?

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 6

Jesus and the Jews

Why don't the Jews accept Jesus?" I've been asked that so many times. My usual reply? "Why haven't the Christians?" At least the Jews are waiting for the proper imperial restoration. The Messiah's coming to sit on DAVID'S THRONE - not Caesar's or "St. Peter's." The Anointed One's going to rule from JERUSALEM - not Rome!

Beyond Babylon
Chapter 7

Elijah's Key Role

Israel's about to host the greatest showdown on earth! A spiritual conflict of interests will create such a scene in Jerusalem that the whole world will watch! Zion will be an arena of prophets and sorcerers, warriors and kings! The forces of good and evil are set to duel: the sons of light will battle the sons of darkness, and truth will confront error head-on!

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Saturday, September 02, 2006

British-Israelites and Jews in grave danger

The American, British and Jewish peoples are in serious trouble. Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall warns that due to our idolatry and immorality, our nations are prophesied to fall and fall hard if we don't turn from our ways and remember our Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities (Malachi 4:4).

Our Great Creator God, the God of Jacob-Israel, is removing His protective shield from our borders and our lands will soon be ravaged by both the weather and men, but God in His mercy, in His patience, has permitted us a grace period that is about to end. We have been suffering the consequences of sin and such divine punishment will only intensify and escalate, as we demand, to drive the message home (Daniel 9:11).

Many will find themselves homeless due to famine and destruction, and if we remain proud and stubborn and refuse to hear and heed and save ourselves, we'll suffer greater destruction, leading to our defeat and deportation, conquered by the fascist EU under German-Jesuit influence. America will be homeless. The British Commonwealth will be homeless. Israel will be homeless. We'll have been exiled from our God-given Garden of Eden. The choice is ours. God help us to make the right choice and do the right thing and CHOOSE LIFE! (2 Chronicles 7:14).

Daniel 9:11

11 Yes, all Israel has transgressed Your law, and has departed so as not to obey Your voice; therefore the curse and the oath written in the Law of Moses the servant of God have been poured out on us, because we have sinned against Him.

Malachi 4:4

4 “ Remember the Law of Moses, My servant,
Which I commanded him in Horeb for all Israel,
With the statutes and judgments.

2 Chronicles 7:14

14 if My people who are called by My name will humble themselves, and pray and seek My face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin and heal their land.

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Israeli Jews must reclaim Holy Land occupied by Roman Catholics

The Vatican again exposes its inherent hostility towards Jews and Israel by railing against Christian Zionists.

In light of the Vatican's recent outburst, venomous against Israel and those who prefer it to an accursed "Palestine," Israel would be wise to reclaim those areas of the Holy Land of Israel that "Edom" presently occupies and restore them to proper Jewish hands. Why should the Israelis permit such sworn enemies to have a foothold in Jerusalem upon Mount Zion (or anywhere in the Jewish Homeland) with their evil eye upon the Temple Mount?

Israel must demand the return of the Temple treasures the Vatican holds hostage and investigate Shimon Peres' collaboration with the Germans and Jesuits against Yitzhak Rabin and Israeli sovereignty over Jerusalem.

David Ben-Ariel is a Christian-Zionist writer and author of Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall. With a focus on the Middle East and Jerusalem, his analytical articles help others improve their understanding of that troubled region. Check out the Beyond Babylon blog.