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David Ben-Ariel on YouTube!

Send Jonathan Pollard home to Israel!

A Message to President Barack Obama
From the People of Israel

Dear President Obama,

We hope that your visit with PM Benjamin Netanyahu on July 6th 2010 will be an historic date for both our nations; an opportunity to demonstrate what real change means.

Your principled signature on Jonathan Pollard's pending clemency papers would be the consummate act of friendship towards the People of Israel.

Mr. President, please send Jonathan Pollard home to Jerusalem, to his wife and to us, the People.

Twenty five years is a long time. Please send Jonathan home with Mr. Netanyahu now.

With heartfelt thanks,
The People of Israel

Website: http://www.JonathanPollard.org
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Identifying Birthmarks of Israel

Searching for My Lost Tribe
It never occurred to me that it was right under my nose.

by Gavriel Horan 

The birthmarks of fulfilled biblical prophecies include, as the Jerusalem-based Brit Am Israel organization teaches:
According to the Bible ten out of the twelve tribes of Israel split away (1 Kings 12:19), formed their own kingdom of "Israel" (1 Kings 12:20) and were exiled by the Assyrians (2 Kings 17:18). They forget their identity (Hosea 1:9, 7:8; Isaiah 49:21) and became the Lost Ten Tribes. In the future they will re-unite with the Jews (Ezekiel 37; Isaiah 11:13; Jeremiah 3:18) of "Judah", but until then they have a role of their own to fulfill. They were destined to be situated at the continental extremities of the earth such as North America, the British Isles, Scandinavia, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa (Deuteronomy 33:13; Isaiah 24:16, 26:15, 41:8-9, 49:6), to be the richest (Genesis 27:28, 49:25; Deuteronomy 33:13-16; Hosea 2:8), and most powerful (Numbers 24:8-7; Micah 5:7-9) nations on earth and to control major international strategic bases (Genesis 22:16-17, 24:60). All of these points together with numerous others show that descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes can only be found amongst Western Nations, especially the English-speaking ones.

According to the rabbis, the "Lost Ten Tribes" are for all intents and purposes "Gentiles." This information constitutes further proof that the "Lost Ten Tribes" are not those diverse claimants (African, Indians, Burmese) who maintain remnants of Judaism from somebody's former conversion or contact with the religion of Judaism.

The White Man and Western Civilization

 The White Man's Burden: Rudyard Kipling was Right
Replace “White Man” with “Western Civilization” and Kipling is as right today as he was in 1899
by Bill Levinson


Rudyard would be considered racist by today’s perverse standards, and so what? The English-Speaking Nations of White Israelites have civilized the Gentile world, as prophesied. I’m gladly as racist as the ethnocentric Bible (with its focus on the family of Jacob) teaches me to be and wholeheartedly support Israel in the Isles – regardless if that’s condemned by lesser peoples as “racist,” “colonialism,” “imperialistic,” etc.
God save South Africans and raped Rhodesia, Zimbabwe ruins, from the primitive Gentiles.

Why invoke that liberal Jewish-pimped fraud, that adulterer, that plagiarizer Michael Luther King as if he is something worthy to emulate? He’s a forged hero created by godless Jews like the terrorist Nelson Mandela – why aid and support their BIG LIE? That’s a politically correct form of racism.

Saturday, June 26, 2010


Jews - the Beast and False Prophet - and Rome's Destruction
If the Jews fail to take their warnings seriously about imminent EU occupation of Jerusalem and Europe's wannabe divine emperor polluting the Third Temple, the Temple of God will be desecrated by the son of perdition, the so-called Antichrist.

Two Witnesses to Testify in Jerusalem Against Europe
Two controversial figures, referred to in the Book of Revelation as two witnesses, two olive trees, two candlesticks and two prophets, will boldly declare GOD'S JUDGMENTS and proclaim the LORD'S CONTROVERSY (Micah 3:8; 6:1-2), delivering a BLISTERING MESSAGE and a SCORCHING CONDEMNATION -- just before NUCLEAR FIRE AND BRIMSTONE RAINS DOWN upon those who've rejected GOD'S ULTIMATUM (Isaiah 41:27; 30:27).

Christ is not working backwards, but Flurry has got it backwards! Zechariah 14 clearly states international opposition against Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem, leading to the European Union seizing the whole city -- "THE CITY shall be taken" -- and following that, undoubtedly trying to appease the Arabs, the European Union forcibly divides Jerusalem.

Conflict in Jerusalem
They've placed barbed wire all around their "yard," freshly tarred their roof, have an Israeli flag flying & are still clearing out all the junk the Arabs threw in there for the past 7 years. It was exciting to drive through that Palestinian village as they looked on. Earlier, being hot as usual, I started to roll down my window when they reminded me it's better to be hot than get a stone in the face!

Exposing the German-Vatican Plot to Occupy Jerusalem
The one time The Traveller did run a political piece, it ruffled feathers with the local authorities. In 'Will Jerusalem become an international city?' by American writer David Ben-Ariel, readers were warned about a German-Vatican plot to take over Jerusalem, urged to take back the Temple Mount and dislodge 'as symbols of foreign occupation' Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Dome of the Rock.

Israel's rejection of their 1967 miracle will result in their loss of Jerusalem. Let Israel lower its flag and mourn and paint the country BLACK since Orange was crushed under "just following orders" soldiers doing their sworn enemies' dirty work....

Isaiah 29:1
Woe to Ariel, to Ariel, the city where David dwelt!
Carl Sandburg, an American writer warned: "If America forgets where she came from...if she listens to the deniers and mockers, then will begin the rot and dissolution." The same principle applies to our Jewish brethren in Israel.

As the United States called upon Israel to become their virtual protectorate during Operation Desert Storm, the European Union will offer Israel guarantees of peace and security. Europe, not the overextended and highly inflated United States, will take out Iran.

The Vatican has its evil eye on Jerusalem! What better place to start their siege against the Holy City than Mt. Zion? Watch for them to fortify their position and launch an all-out attack to undermine Israeli sovereignty, enlisting Jewish traitors and the international community.

The cauldron that is Jerusalem is having the heat turned up by a series of planned events, the concerted efforts of Roman wolves in sheep's clothing, orchestrated by the Vatican. The Roman Catholic Cult, the Babylonian Mystery religion, covets the Holy City and aims on wresting control of Ariel (Jerusalem's nickname) from Israeli sovereignty by any means necessary.

As Hitler clearly outlined his plans in Mein Kampf (and furiously put them into practice his first opportunity), so the United Nations passed an ominous resolution in 1947 concerning the fate of Jerusalem: UN Resolution 181 demands the Holy City submit to the status of an "international city." That's a glorified term for ENEMY OCCUPATION!

Why would a blond, "non-Jewish" American want to emmigrate to Israel? What's the connection? Especially when so few Jews in the United States are willing to make the move. What force would drive someone to travel to Israel 11 times, serve in 8 kibbutzim and even stay there during the Persian Gulf War, complete with gas mask, with his room designated as cheder atoom - "sealed room" - that other volunteers had to run to whenever the eerie sirens sounded that another Scud Missile was headed for the Promised Land?

The world will oppose the Return of the King of the Jews, Israel's King, but the Prophets foretell such vain opposition will literally melt away. Both the Bible and the "New Testament" reveal demonic international opposition will be raised against King Messiah to foolishly fight against His return to Jerusalem, liberating it from Gentile EU occupation. They will be history - in a flash!

I was born David A. Hoover on January 10, 1960 in Bowling Green, Ohio. However, I legally changed my name to David Ben-Ariel (with the help of my Jewish lawyer) during the Spring of 1989. It cost me $300.00.

Pray for Jerusalem

UCG Commentary | Archives

Why Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem?

A commentary by Peter Hawkins
United Church of God pastor, British Isles

Posted June 10, 2010

While most of us live generally peaceful lives, news reports bring into our personal space the tensions and troubles at home and abroad.

Tragedy in Cumbria; conflict in the Middle East

Just over a week ago my wife and I were part of a group touring around the north and central parts of the beleaguered land of Israel. Amazingly, we felt safe in both Israeli and Palestinian areas, in spite of the fact that Israel is surrounded by nations that would be glad to see it removed from the map. Still you could feel the tension of a nation continually on guard against terrorist attacks or possible invasion.

After returning home, Sonja and I expected to settle back into relatively calm Britain. Barely a week ago, however, the tranquillity of Cumbria and the Lake District was shattered by mass murder.

Known for its beauty and as home to several past authors and poets, Cumbria has also become an area of tragedy. This time Derrick Bird, a quiet taxi driver, "snapped." His day of rage left families and villagers mourning as he fatally shot 12 people and 12 more were seriously wounded. Mr. Bird also killed himself. It was a reminder that no place in this world is safe or immune to the violence plaguing human nature.

At the same time news from the Middle East told of another conflict brewing in this international flash point.

Terrifying experiences and expectations

Israeli security forces are on the alert to prevent additional weapons and jihadists from reaching its enemies. Israelis point out that this vigilance has subdued the spate of bombings that claimed the lives of both Palestinians and Jews a few years ago. Having been close to a small bomb blast in the 1970s in Johannesburg, South Africa, I know it is a terrifying experience.

Yet in many countries, not only Israel, people live their lives with violence and indiscriminate destruction all around them. It is not only a suicide bomber or an I.E.D. (improvised explosive device) that is a danger.

Missiles are also a constant threat in border regions.

While we were visiting Israel, local news reported the delivery of longer-ranged Scud missiles to Lebanon. So while diplomats talk, the next round of the Middle East conflict is ready to erupt. Residents of cities like Haifa and Tel Aviv live with the expectation of sirens that will trigger a rush to the bomb shelters.

Londoners who survived World War II would remember the V2 rockets overhead; when the engine stopped, the bomb was on its way down. Today, there is little time to warn residents of incoming missiles. It must be emotionally draining to live with that constant expectation.

There is no doubt the Israelis would be willing to strike at the nuclear facilities of Iran before nuclear bombs travel skyward toward their own cities and installations. Even if the rest of the world dithers as to how to handle the situation, Israel knows that without a preemptive strike, it would have only a few minutes to react to a nuclear attack.

Shalom? When will it come?

The common greeting in Israel is "shalom" or "peace," but the reality for inhabitants is that war is an ever-present threat.

As we see prophecy marching on towards the return of the Messiah (whom Jews believe is coming for the first time), it is good to know that God's eyes are continually on that land (Zechariah 2:8)—focused on the eventual return of the house of Israel to join with the house of Judah under the resurrected King David (Jeremiah 30:9; Hosea 3:5).

We stood in the excavated City of David in what was probably the foundations and broken walls of the palace of King David. It is a couple hundred yards from the steps leading up to the Temple Mount, where his son Solomon built the first temple. The Holy of Holies and the Ark of the Covenant were probably in the area presently enclosed by the Dome of the Rock.

Jesus Christ, a descendant of David, traveled the countryside, villages and towns we visited. When He returns to the Mount of Olives (Acts 1:11), Jesus will come to restore peace.

We are encouraged to pray for the peace of Jerusalem, which will come when the resurrected saints are there with the returned Messiah, working together to bring peace that will spread to the whole world!

"Jerusalem, what a strong and beautiful city you are! Every tribe of the Lord obeys him and comes to you to praise his name. David's royal throne is here where justice rules. Jerusalem, we pray that you will have peace, and that all will go well for those who love you" (Psalm 122:3-6, Contemporary English Version).

Gospel of the KingdomFor further details, be sure to request or download our booklet The Gospel of the Kingdom.

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The Middle East: Ground Zero of Bible Prophecy
Only a century ago the Middle East was a relatively peaceful and tranquil area. Today it's the most volatile region of the world, with the possibility of war breaking out at any minute. You need to understand why this change happened, where Bible prophecy indicates things are headed and what it means for you and the entire world!

Jerusalem: Center of Conflict, Center of Peace
Putting aside all the claims and counterclaims about the ownership of Jerusalem, what does the Bible say about this historic city? Who is its real owner, and what is its ultimate destiny? How will the city of almost continuous conflict become a city of enduring and everlasting peace? Let's examine the intriguing biblical story—past, present and future.

Jerusalem: Focus of Biblical Prophecy
"Behold, I will make Jerusalem a cup of drunkenness to all the surrounding peoples...I will make Jerusalem a very heavy stone for all peoples; all who would heave it away will surely be cut in pieces, though all nations of the earth are gathered against it"

Israel's Amazing Story: Fulfillment of Bible Prophecy
As American writer Saul Bellow asked, "What is it that led the Jews to place themselves, after the greatest disaster in their history [the Holocaust], in a danger zone?" The surprising truth is that Jewish rule over Jerusalem is an essential element of end-time biblical prophecy!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

You Shall Not Curse the People

"You shall not curse the people because they are blessed."

(Numbers 22:12)
Tammuz 12, 5770, June 24, 2010

Certainly we have all watched cartoons in which the protagonist is relentlessly pursued by his deadly adversary, who incessantly plots to completely and utterly annihilate our animated hero, attacking him with arrows and cannons, flattening him into the ground with steel safes and pianos, running him off cliffs, steamrolling him into the pavement. The fun never seems to stop!
In the two-dimensional world of animated cartoons we can afford to kick back and allow ourselves a few guffaws. But did you ever wonder how it would be if the characters suddenly became real-life flesh-and-blood human beings? Would it still be so funny? If we take it one step further, and identify our hero as the nation of Israel, and the untiring, implacable foe as all those who have risen up in every generation determined to destroy Israel, we see before our very eyes the scourge of anti-Semitism that has plagued, not just the Jews, but the entire family of nations, for thousands of years.
Scholars of history and sociology and anthropology have long tried to determine when the heinous crime of anti-Semitism first began. One really needs to look no further than this week's Torah reading of Balak, and the words and actions of the heathen prophet Bilaam. Bilaam, just like Wile E. Coyote of Roadrunner fame, tried employing every angle under the sun, literally, to get a bead on Israel, and destroy her. Bilaam went first to this hill and then to that. He peered at Israel from the north, the south the east and the west. Bilaam attempted to manipulate G-d Himself, reminding the Almighty of His children's transgressions, "Come, curse Jacob for me," hoping to "invoke [His] wrath against Israel." (ibid 22:7) He sought to highlight with his words what he thought were Israel's weaknesses, but they proved to be her strengths. Israel's fabled modesty, "How goodly are your tents, O Jacob, your dwelling places, O Israel!" (ibid 23:5) did not reflect timidity, but virtue. Israel's long suffering in the face of her enemies, "He crouches and lies like a lion and like a lioness; who will dare rouse him?" (ibid 23:9) reflects not her lack of will but her sublime confidence in the ultimate triumph of good over evil. In short, Bilaam tried to strip away from Israel her trust in the righteousness of her path, to cause her to doubt her G-d given innate knowledge of right and wrong, to objectify, dehumanize and demonize Israel. Sound familiar?
The astonishing thing is that Bilaam knew all along that it was impossible to curse Israel. He heard it himself from G-d, and even repeated the futility of his efforts to Balak, ("What the Lord puts into my mouth that I must take care to say." ibid 22:12) But he proceeded apace in spite of this. Certainly today's haters of Zion are likewise keenly aware of the abject vanity of all their efforts but that hardly seems to dampen their enthusiasm. For Israel, like the cartoon victim, no matter how many times she is flattened or crushed or blown up or shot out of a cannon, will always bounce back, regain her composure, and continue upon the path that G-d has determined for her.
Life is not a cartoon, however, and the enemies of G-d and Israel are capable of inflicting much pain and anguish upon Israel, even if they never can attain their ultimate goals. Nor is there anything charming or agreeable about today's Bilaams. Some among them utter curses and mean every word. Others mouth vacant blessings and confessions of love and promises of security, and intend not a word of it.
Bilaam himself gave voice to the unalterable truth that the nation of Israel is "like gardens by the river, like aloes which HaShem planted, like cedars by the water." (ibid 24:6) Our roots run deep, fed by the waters of Torah, and planted by these waters we shall not be moved. The Bilaams of today can take center stage, and capture the world's imagination. They can and do wreak much havoc and destruction along the way. But ultimately can they divert, even by a fraction, the destiny of all human kind that G-d has promised? Can Bilaam stand between Israel and the land? Between Jerusalem and the Holy Temple? Between the nations of the world and the knowledge of the One True G-d?
"You shall not curse the people because they are blessed." (ibid 22:12) Every Bilaam is cursed by his own self-awareness of predetermined failure. And, in the end, that's all folks!

Temple TalkTune in to this week's Temple Talk as Yitzchak Reuven, on his own again in the studio, talks about Bilaam the prophet and the objectification of Israel, then & now. Bilaam, a man in possession of tremendous intellectual and spiritual capacity sought to bend right and wrong to serve his own ends and the ends of Balak, a fellow hater of Israel. Thinking very highly of himself Bilaam imagined he could outwit G-d and put and end to Israel. To the world's discredit, he has many followers today. What is the connection between the coming redemption and the breaking of the heat wave? And don't forget: Speak only good about the land of Israel and the people of Israel during this fateful month of Tammuz!

Rabbi Richman has completed his teaching tour of America and will be returning soon, G-d willing, to the land of Israel. The Temple Institute wishes to thank all the individuals who worked so hard and diligently to make Rabbi & Rena Richman's speaking tour such a great success, and all the people who attended the Rabbi's teachings and shared with him their enthusiasm and love of Torah and Israel.
If you missed the Rabbi in the USA and would like to see what all the excitement was about, or if you were fortunate enough to attend one of his teachings, and would like to reminisce, please browse though our TOUR DIARY, where people have posted their photographs and comments. If you have attended any of Rabbi Richman's teachings and have (digital) photographs or thoughts you would like to share, and you have not yet done so, please send them along to us ASAP, and we will add the to our online diary. Click here for details.
The TOUR DIARY can also be viewed on the Temple Institute's Facebook page.

Reflecting BackThis week features the new Bat Melech video teaching with Rabbanit Rena Richman, entitled, "Reflecting Back: Time is a gift from G-d, that we can channel and utilize to effect change and bring about renewal. Rosh Chodesh – the festival of the New Moon – was given especially to the women of Israel as a reward for their refusal to participate in the sin of the golden calf. Why Rosh Chodesh? What is the spiritual connection between the moon and the daughters of Israel?" Click here to view.

Holiness in this
 WorldToday also features the new Light to the Nations teaching by Rabbi Chaim Richman, entitled, "Holiness in this World: The Holy of Holies is the holiest place on earth: What is holiness? How can we become holy? Can a place or time be imbued with sanctity? Torah teaches us an emphatic yes to all these questions. And the soul/time/space nexus where the holiest moment of the year, (Yom Kippur), and the holiest spot on earth , (the Holy of Holies), and the individual who represents the holiest possibility of man, (the Kohen Gadol – High Priest), meet and merge together is nothing less than the entire purpose of creation." (This LTTN teaching was originally webcast in June, 2009.) Click here to view.

Parashat HashavuaBilaam, the heathen prophet, thought to curse Israel by pointing out her shortcomings. Paradoxically, his attempt to smear Israel only served to highlight the love between G-d and His people, which is not diminished by her occasional transgressions. Click here to view Rabbi Richman's short teaching on parashat Balak (Numbers 22:2-25:9).

Blessings from the holy city of Jerusalem,
  Yitzchak Reuven
  The Temple Institute

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UnJews prefer foes to Christian friends

S. HaLevi commented on
I love Jerusalem, Jews and Israel!
The unJews much rather allow in neo-Nazis from the former USSR, provide VIP passes to Hamas and Abbas murderers than bend a bit for a Christian friend or Jews for that matter.

Soon we all will have to face far worse because of those criminals plots.

Be well my friend.


Have you heard the Gospel?

Have you heard?

Recently I told someone that my doctor said I was definitely in "decline" (I have AIDS).

He said, "Can I preach the gospel to your unconverted family and friends at your funeral?" I said, "No" (for many reasons). I also said I wasn't going to have any funeral and plan on being cremated. I commented my family and friends already heard the gospel. I said, "Everybody in America has heard the gospel," and he said he wasn't so sure about that. His doubts notwithstanding, anybody who knows me knows how outspoken I am about my beliefs and how I've written extensively about them in many articles and within my book, Beyond Babylon: Europe's Rise and Fall.

Beyond Babylon fulfills the need to proclaim the gospel and warn the world; it includes the truth about our Hebrew roots and responsibility (the Anglo-Saxon-Celtic peoples are an important part of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel, the Tribe of Joseph specifically); about God's Sabbath and "Jewish" (biblical) Holy Days versus Satan's counterfeit Sunday and whitewashed pagan holidays like Christmas and Easter that God hates; about Israel's demise and Europe's rise - these are foundational truths.

Have you heard the gospel of the Kingdom of God is that we can be forgiven any sin we confess and forsake, so help us God, receiving the pardon and the power, that the sacrifice of Jesus Christ has got us covered; the good news of the Kingdom of God is that God is a Kingdom-Family into which we may be born again at the resurrection - born again as literal God-Beings! The good news is that the Kingdom-Family of God will be a literal government of God-Beings that will establish justice and righteousness from Jerusalem and save the earth and mankind from complete destruction and annihilation. If you hadn't heard this GOOD NEWS before, you have now!

Additional reading:

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Life of Miriam

"Miriam died there and was buried there."

(Numbers 20:1)
Sivan 27, 5770, June 9, 2010

This week's Torah reading, parashat Chukat, begins with the description of the para aduma - red heifer - the Torah symbol, par excellence, both of the ultimate purity of creation, and of the the Torah's insistence that life predominates and prevails over death. So it is particularly poignant and instructive that the para aduma is immediately followed by the account of the death of Miriam the prophet. The great commentator Rashi, points out that Miriam, too, like her brothers Moshe and Aharon "died through a kiss [from G-d’s mouth rather than by the angel of death]," meaning that her death was not the result of any spiritual imperfection, but as an expression of pure love. Her own purity can be seen, then, to parallel the purity inherent in the para aduma, and Rashi also makes mention of this: "Why is the passage relating Miriam’s death juxtaposed with the passage of the red heifer? To teach you that just as offerings bring atonement, so the death of the righteous secure atonement."
A quick review of Miriam's life will reveal her essential role in the formation of the nation of Israel, the early development of her brother Moshe, the survival of Israel in the desert, the deep attachment between Miriam and Moshe, and the unceasing nature of her love for Israel, which continues to this day, nourishing her people both spiritually and materially.
Miriam, as Midrash teaches, along with her mother Yocheved, were, in fact, Pua and Shifra, the two midwives who defied Pharaoh's decree of infanticide, thereby granting life, and not death, to the Israelite nation in Egypt. We are further told by Midrash that Miriam's parents, Amram and Yocheved, in light of the cruel Pharaonic decree, had divorced, so as not to bring children into the world to face instant death. Miriam chastised her parents for their acquiescence, and convinced them to remarry. The result was the birth of Moshe. Miriam continued to look after her baby brother, and when Pharaoh's daughter discovered Moshe in his ark upon the Nile, Miriam convinced Pharaoh's daughter to hire Moshe's mother, Yocheved to be the child's wet-nurse. In this manner, Miriam rescued the nation from certain physical annihilation, and laid for Israel the foundation of her future spiritual maturation.
We next hear of Miriam at the crossing of the Sea of Reeds, when she pick up her drum to lead the women in songs of praise to G-d for His miraculous deliverance of Israel from the pursuit of Pharaoh's army. Of course, for Miriam, as for the entire people, this was a moment of great exhilaration, to be free at last from Egyptian oppression. But for Miriam it was also a personal vindication of all her previous efforts on behalf of her people and Moshe.
Most revealing is the fact that Miriam, and only Miriam, thought, while still in Egypt, to pack drums and musical instruments for the journey into freedom. While others brought gold and silver and blue and scarlet threads for the eventual building of the Tabernacle and the vessels, it was Miriam who understood the value of spontaneous song and creative expression of thanksgiving and attachment to G-d. She understood that every soul in Israel must be guaranteed the ability and the freedom to initiate and articulate their own spiritual expression as part of the greater Torah nation.
Miriam’s death is immediately followed by a dearth of water in the desert and the convening of the people against Moshe and Aharon: "The congregation had no water; so they assembled against Moshe and Aharon." (Numbers 20:2) Again, Rashi explains: "From here [we learn that] all forty years they had the well in Miriam’s merit." From this we learn of Miriam's well, the source of water which followed Israel through the desert, providing for the people both physical nourishment, and, symbolically, spiritual (Torah) nourishment.
Moshe's great error of striking the rock in order to produce water, and the punishment he received of not being allowed to enter the land of Israel, can also be see in the light of his sister Miriam. This is the first time in Moshe's one hundred and twenty years that he is without her. Was his apparent anger, calling his people, "you rebels," (ibid 20:10), really an expression of his anguish over the loss of Miriam, who for all these years kept her watchful eye on him? Could the fact that the Hebrew word used here for "rebels," "morim" contains within it the same letters which form the name Miriam be revealing to us the great loss felt by Moshe?
Fortunately for Israel, the loss of Miram's well was only temporary, and it would continue to follow Israel throughout the duration of its desert sojourn and eventually enter with the people into the land, where it remains until this day. Miriam's well continues to be a source both of physical sustenance and spiritual nourishment for Israel. Israel's main water sources are hidden underground, many of which have yet to be rediscovered in modern times. The people of Israel today are reclaiming these well springs of life-giving water and Torah knowledge. Miriam's protective legacy lives today, proving, like the red heifer, the predomination of life over death, and like the red heifer, providing the keys to the rebuilding of the Holy Temple and the resumption of the Divine service: "They shall neither harm nor destroy on all My holy mount, for the land shall be full of knowledge of the L-rd as water covers the sea bed." (Isaiah 11:9)

Temple TalkTune in to this week's Temple Talk as Yitzchak Reuven, all alone in the studio once again, explores the enigmatic process of the red heifer, which renders the impure pure, and leads us on a spiritual odyssey that begins with wonderment, and proceeds to acceptance of G-d's will, wisdom and faith. No wonder its waters are required before entering the Holy Temple. Yitzchak gets a surprise call from his very best friend, Rabbi Chaim Richman, who is raising a lot of dust and spirits as he makes his way across the great state of Texas, meeting along the way true men and women of faith, who stand with Israel in these turbulent times. With a touch of a Texan accent, the rabbi delivers a clear vision of where the current international anti-Israel frenzy is leading and why we must remain steadfast.

The Tour Diary
The Tour Diary: Rabbi Chaim Richman's America Tour is in full swing! You can keep apace with the rabbi by visiting The Tour Diary to see where Rabbi Richman is speaking every night, and to see photos and read comments of his previous stops. The diary and photo album can also be viewed on the Temple Institute Facebook page.
If you have attended any of Rabbi Richman's teachings and have (digital) photographs or thoughts you would like to share, please send them along to us ASAP, and we will add the to our online diary. Click here for details.

Completing the ChoshenThis week features the new Light to the Nations teaching by Rabbi Chaim Richman, entitled, " Completing the Choshen: Faith into Action: Holding the Choshen - Breastplate - of the High Priest in is hands, Rabbi Richman describes its details and the exhilarating feeling of faith being transformed into action through researching and recreating the Choshen which will soon be worn by the High Priest in the Holy Temple." Click here to view.

Red Heifer
On the ocassion of the weekly Torah reading of Chukat (Numbers 19:1 - 22:1), we invite everyone to visit our Red Heifer section, dedicated to exploring the history and traditions concerning the red heifer, whose ashes alone have the ability to purify all those who have become ritually impure through contact with the dead. The reintroduction of the red heifer - raising it and preparing its ashes - is an essential milestone on the road to the rebuilding of the Holy Temple and the renewal of the divine service. Learn how and why this simple animal plays so large a part in the spiritual wellbeing of the nation of Israel- and of all the nations. Click here for "The Mystery of the Red Heifer: Divine Promise of Purity," an in-depth study of the history and tradition of the red heifer, by Rabbi Chaim Richman.

Parashat HashavuaIn this age of instant access to endless information, we are tempted to try to know everything! Is curiosity necessary a good thing, or is it sometimes, as our sages suggest, an offshoot of arrogance? True wisdom is in the acknowledgment that there are things that lie beyond our intellectual grasp. This wisdom is the portal to purity. Click here to view Rabbi Richman's short teaching on parashat Chukat (Numbers 19:1-22:1).  

Blessings from the holy city of Jerusalem,
  Yitzchak Reuven
  The Temple Institute


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Thursday, June 17, 2010

South Africa continues to deteriorate

"In times of universal deceit, telling the truth will be a revolutionary act." George Orwell, 1984

by Anne Paton (widow of Alan Paton)
London Sunday Times—DISPATCHES, Sunday, November 29, 1998

I am leaving South Africa. I have lived here for 35 years, and I shall leave with anguish. My home and my friends are here, but I am terrified.

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South Africa Robbed By Fear

Monday, June 14, 2010

David Ben-Ariel Article Performance

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Not All Twelve Tribes of Israel are Jewish?
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Herbert W. Armstrong Was Ahead of His Time!
Lifetime Views: 19,562

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The Plain Truth About The "Lost Ten Tribes" And Why You Need To Know
Lifetime Views: 18,680

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Top 3 Performing Articles (May 2010):

Not All Twelve Tribes of Israel are Jewish?
May 2010 Views: 506

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David Pack & the Restored Church of God
May 2010 Views: 275

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The Plain Truth About The "Lost Ten Tribes" And Why You Need To Know
May 2010 Views: 251

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Not All Twelve Tribes of Israel are Jewish?
Some, in clear contradiction of the Holy Bible, pretend that all Twelve Tribes of Israel are Jewish. Such woefully ignorant or deceptive people deny the biblical distinctions between the 12 Tribes and pretend there's only one tribe: Judah.

Herbert W. Armstrong Was Ahead of His Time!
Mr. Armstrong was ahead of his time. The principles of prophecy he spoke of remain absolutely true: a final revival of the unholy Roman Empire is prophesied and the EU is forging ahead with that Frankenstein Monster now.

The Plain Truth about the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel
In order to warn Israel about the many prophecies that preview our coming captivity (due to our idolatry and immorality), it was first necessary for God to restore our identity. God has now restored our identity, He's again warning our nations, and it's up to us what will happen next.

David Pack & the Restored Church of God
When David Pack said something to the effect that the Global Church of God was not for me, I asked him why he invited me then and he then acknowledged he only invited me along with the others because he felt they were good candidates for membership. In other words, he was being deceitful.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


When you're out and about, notice all the signs inviting you to SUNday services, offering you a welcome this SUNday, but none saying "SUNday is for pagans - we've repented and now keep the Sabbath" or "Never on a Sunday! Jesus kept the Sabbath and so do we!"

Either the ministers of those professing Christian churches are ignorant of the Scriptures and history (that only sanction the seventh day Sabbath) or they're just plain dishonest with themselves and their poor flock (that have been robbed of the plain truth).

There's no excuse for Sunday! Jesus, his disciples - the apostles - and the entire early Church of God composed of converted Jews, Israelites and Gentiles kept the seventh day Sabbath! The original faith once delivered to Jerusalem (that included the observance of the seventh day Sabbath) became corrupted by Gentilizers, Romanizers, false converts who misled folks to keep Sunday, cleverly keeping both the Sabbath and Sunday at first until they gained enough power and influence to oppose the biblical Sabbath for their traditional Sunday.

Question your minister if he's a Sunday keeper and ask your friends why folks are keeping Sunday - the first day of the week - when the Sabbath is the seventh day. Most have never thought about it, sheeple to the slaughter, but now God is bringing it to the attention of many and expects us to repent of keeping Sunday and start keeping the Sabbath that is holy to Him.

"Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy." - Exodus 20:8

"There remains therefore a rest [keeping of the Sabbath] for the people of God." - Hebrews 4:10

"Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent." - Acts 17:30

Which day is the Christian Sabbath?

Roman Catholic and Protestant Confessions about Sunday
The vast majority of Christian churches today teach the observance of Sunday, the first day of the week, as a time for rest and worship. Yet it is generally known and freely admitted that the early Christians observed the seventh day as the Sabbath. How did this change come about?

Remember the Sabbath
Did you ever stop to think why Christians keep Sunday? Did they get it from the Bible? Is there a clear-cut command that says, "Thou shalt keep Sunday?" Why did Jesus worship on Saturday? Was it only because He was a good Jew? Or does it go beyond that?


Friday, June 11, 2010

God has marked the American people as his chosen nation

The man who coined the term, journalist John L. O'Sullivan, insisted that it was "by the right of our manifest destiny to overspread and to possess the whole of the continent which providence has given us for the great experiment of liberty and federated self-government." Decades later, after the closing of the frontier, writer Robert Ellis Thompson penned a study of The Hand of God in American History, which likewise proclaimed that from the time of the first settlements to the Spanish-American War God had "shaped the course of our national history for his own ends." It was a sentiment amplified by statesman-historian Albert J. Beveridge in a speech before the U.S. Senate in which he voiced unambiguous support for American annexation of the Philippines. As far as Senator Beveridge was concerned, God

has given us the spirit of progress to overwhelm the forces of reaction throughout the earth. He has made us adept at government that we may administer government among savage and senile peoples. Were it not for such a force as this the world would relapse into barbarism and night. And of all our race he has marked the American people as his chosen nation to finally lead in the redemption of the world.

Calvin and American Exceptionalism

The United States by Grand Design (White and Christian)
President Teddy Roosevelt said, "The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing as a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities."
(read more ...)

Renew America by Restoring White Dominance

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Jerusalem, Jews and Israel

I love Jerusalem, Jews and Israel!

I wasn't only deported once from the Jewish homeland, but was told by Israeli lawyer Naftali Warzberger that since my passport didn't have deported stamped in it I could return and when I tried they detained me at the airport and sent me back!

It's sad how dishonest many are in government (Israeli or American) and refuse to right wrongs when it's in their power to do so. I recognize once wrong precedence has been set, it's easier to just go with it and sacrifice innocent folks like me.

I was unjustly deported in 1996 from Israel and attempted to return on the eve of the elections that same year (Shimon Peres v Netanyahu). They questioned me in the airport (and I was tired after that 12 hour flight - I had taken a 5 hour bus ride from Toledo to Chicago and then flew to Canada to save money) and then kept me in the cell at the airport. The guard let me give us my Maxwell house individual bags... On the flight back I saw the same undercover Israeli agent on the flight there who disagreed with me about Meir Kahane. I think most folks would hate Israel but I know it's just individual idiots and as a staunch Christian-Zionist I have a God-given love for Jerusalem, Jews and Israel, especially having lived there so many times on so many kibbutzim (eight to be exact!). I just want the option of being able to return without hassle, if and when I chose to, b'ezrat HaShem.
See -

 Israeli police sent on wild-goose chase
The Israeli police knew they didn't have a shred of evidence against me other than some hateful letter filled with false accusations that misled them.

Christians reject the New Testament?

Why don't the Christian Peoples Accept the New Testament?

Many ask, "Why don't the Jewish People accept the New Testament?" Perhaps a better question would be:

Why don't the Christian Peoples accept the New Testament?

Consider these articles that dare to share the plain truth of the Bible and history:

Apostate Christians

A Nation of Drunks and Whores

Plea to Diehard Catholics & Protestants to Repent

Unclean Christianity vs. Peter's Vision

Do You Prefer TRADITION Over Truth?

The Plain Truth About Easter

God Doesn't Ordain Women Preachers!

The Gentilized Israelites (many Catholics and Protestants) must confess and forsake our baptized paganism, our whitewashed heathen customs that Roman wolves have polluted the world with and misled the masses, and Judaism must reject its Babylonian relics of astrology, amulets, "hell" and other religious lies, as Zechariah proves Judah isn't perfect either. Gentilized Jews, assimilated Jews, must remember their Hebrew roots and biblical responsibilities and act accordingly.
- Israel and Judah Must Get House in Order Before King Messiah Arrives

Where's the world's concern for Gilad Shalit?

Gilad Shalit banner

And Korach Took

"And Korach took... "
(Numbers 16:1)
Sivan 27, 5770, June 9, 2010

Who was Korach and what did he want? We really don't know much about him. Midrash tells us that he was fabulously wealthy, but how did he amass his wealth? He was a slave in Egypt along with the rest of his brethren. Some say he had access to Pharaoh's treasures. Could Korach have been profiting behind his enslaved brothers' backs? We are told that Korach was a brilliant man, educated. He himself makes an oblique reference to this when he uses the imagery of a house lined with books, in his attempt to engage Moshe in a specious argument over the commandment of blue fringes. Where did he go to school? He claimed a higher moral authority than Moshe. Who were his teachers? Who were the sources of his information?

If we play with his name, and manipulate just a bit, the pronunciation, Korach becomes kor ruach, a Hebrew expression meaning "of even disposition, slow to anger, calm, unflappable." He was certainly self possessed, believing in the power of his silvery tongued arguments. He called for equality and brotherhood, seducing those who gathered round him, saying that "the entire congregation are all holy, and HaShem is in their midst." (ibid 16:3) Who could resist?

No doubt his passions were inflamed by the debacle of the spies, and the punishment G-d subsequently meted out. Now was his opportunity to take advantage of the national trauma and to wrest power from Moshe and Aharon. If he played his cards right he could convince his fellow Israelites that is was their interest he had at heart. He would inspire them with a new hope, and by the time they realized that is was all about Korach, and only about Korach, he would be firmly in power. By the time his followers woke from their dream, it would be too late.

Korach decided on a frontal attack, confronting Moshe head-on, in front of the entire congregation, humiliating him, accusing him of "raising [himself] above the others," (ibid) and, pointing to Moshe's brother Aharon, accusing him of nepotism. His honey-tongued arguments were masterfully seductive. Seeing that popular opinion was with him, Korach, Midrash tells us, attempted to deliver to Moshe the coup de grĂ¢ce, by engaging him in some spurious sophistry masquerading as a serious and high minded investigation of the proper way to observe the commandment of tzitzit (fringes). Moshe didn't fall for it. What did Moshe do?

"Moshe heard and fell on his face." (ibid 16:4) Moshe fell on his face not before Korach, but before G-d. For when Moshe spoke again, he swiftly and unabashedly redirected the entire arena of confrontation from one of human cunning and intellectual manipulation, to one of determining for all to see, just who was serving G-d, and who was serving his own ego and self infatuation. Taken by surprise by Moshe's response, Korach lost the cool that had carried him so far in life. His larger than life image of savior of the common folk began to diminish, and quickly. Disaffection grew, dividing the ranks of Korach's supporters. Soon he found himself alone, but for his most loyal supporters, those who had irrevocably thrown their lot in with him. In the end, Korach, and his remaining congregation of two hundred and fifty followers, were swallowed up. No, not simply in the opinion polls, but for real. Swallowed up and buried alive.

What was Korach thinking? Did he really believe that he could pit his larger than life ego against Moshe, who G-d called "exceedingly humble, more so than any person on the face of the earth," (ibid 12:3) and win the day? More to the point, did Korach believe that he could belittle and deny the moral authority of the G-d of Israel, and impose upon the people the twisted self-serving machinations of his own bankrupt intellect? All the riches in the world can't turn wrong to right. And the finest schools and most analytical minds and committees of world renowned experts can't turn immoral to moral.

We really don't know much about Korach, where he came from and what he was all about. But the world today is filled with would-be Korachs who will stop at nothing to convince humanity that what is good is bad and what is bad is good. And to do so they pick the same target that the first Korach chose: the nation of Israel, the Torah of Israel, and the G-d of Israel. Today's do-gooders are every bit as convinced as Korach was that they can pull the wool over the eyes of enough people for just long enough to destroy Israel and banish the word of G-d from the face of the earth forever. And an awful lot of people that should know better are placing their money on these masters of deceit.

Only if we can be as steadfast as Moshe, undaunted even as the dark clouds of lies and deceptions blacken our skies; only if we can aspire to even a fraction of his modesty, keeping G-d before us at all times; only then can we weather the gathering storm in the complete faith that the bright light of G-d's truth will soon shine forth from Jerusalem, from the place where G-d chose, piercing the darkness and scattering the clouds. Stay clear of Korach and his minions: "these men have provoked HaShem." (ibid 16:30)

Temple TalkTune in to this week's Temple Talk as Yitzchak Reuven, all alone in the studio explains why the generation of the desert embodied the best of times and the worst of times, and takes on Korach, the desert demagogue who would be king, (that is, if he had it his way). Getting ready for the upcoming month of Tammuz, a month of awesome potential for good, if only we begin to appreciate the sublime beauty of the holy land of Israel, and shout it out for all to hear! Make this Tammuz International Say only Good Things about the Land of Israel Month!

Rabbi Richman Tours AmericaRabbi Richman Tours America: The Rabbi's USA Speaking Tour has Begun!"The prophecy of the word of the L-rd concerning Israel... Behold, I am making Jerusalem a cup of poison for all the peoples all around... it shall be on that day that I make Jerusalem for all the peoples a burdensome stone... and all the nations of the world will gather against it... " (Zech. Ch. 12)

Rabbi Richman brings an urgent message from Israel: These prophecies are coming to pass now, they are the secret of every headline, every negotiation... come to learn how the future of Jerusalem will effect the entire world!

Breastplate of the High
PriestRabbi Richman is also carrying with him the completed Breastplate for the High Priest, featuring the 12 stones of the tribes of Israel, ready to be worn by the Kohen Gadol in the rebuilt Holy Temple. The Breastplate is the instrument of prophetic enlightenment in the Holy Temple.

For more information on when and where you can see Rabbi Richman, please click here.

The Tour Diary
The Tour Diary: Check this page daily to keep abreast of where Rabbi Richman is speaking every night. If you have attended any of Rabbi Richman's teachings and have (digital) photographs or thoughts you would like to share, please send them along to us ASAP, and we will add the to our online diary. Click here for details.

Woman of the ShadowsThis week features the new Bat Melech video teaching with Rabbanit Rena Richman, entitled, "Woman of the Shadows: Tsalalphonit, the wife of Manoach and mother of Shimshon (Samson): Unnamed in the book of Judges, who was this mysterious woman, who outshined her husband and helped shape her heroic son?" Click here to view.

Tammuz: Seeing the GoodToday also features the new Light to the Nations teaching by Rabbi Chaim Richman, entitled, " Tammuz: Seeing the Good: The turbulent month of Tammuz, while being a month characterized by bitter experience and tough times for the nation of Israel, has the potential to be a month of great sweetness for Israel." Click here to view.

Parashat HashavuaKorach, the arch-typical demagogue incited the people as he pitted his own unscrupulous cunning against the humble holiness of Moshe. He ended up denying the existence of G-d, and reaping the rewards of his own hubris.. Click here to view Rabbi Richman's short teaching on parashat Korach (Numbers 16:1-18:32).

Blessings from the holy city of Jerusalem,
  Yitzchak Reuven
  The Temple Institute

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Saturday, June 05, 2010

From Sabbath to Sunday

How did Christianity begin worshipping God on Sunday?  What influence did the Roman Empire, Jews and church politics have in moving worship from the seventh to FIRST day of the week?  Can the fourth commandment, the writings of the Apostle Paul and early church practices be rightly used to promote Sunday as THE Sabbath to keep?

Remember the Sabbath
Did you ever stop to think why Christians keep Sunday? Did they get it from the Bible? Is there a clear-cut command that says, "Thou shalt keep Sunday?" Why did Jesus worship on Saturday? Was it only because He was a good Jew? Or does it go beyond that?

Which day is the Christian Sabbath?


Thursday, June 03, 2010

An Exceedingly Good Land

The land we passed through to scout is an exceedingly good land."  
(Numbers 14:7)
Sivan 21, 5770, June 3, 2010

By uttering these words, Yehoshua bin Nun and Calev ben Yefunneh saved the nation of Israel, and perhaps the entire world, from marching into the abyss. By uttering these words, Yehoshua bin Nun and Calev ben Yefunneh set a moral imperative for all times, the imperative to speak out against injustice, and to take a stand against the tyranny of the many, when the many have become possessed by an evil spirit that threatens all that is good in the world.

The assembly of notables that Moshe had appointed, otherwise known as the spies, to make an advance visit to the land of Israel and report back on their findings, returned with the tidings that the land of Israel was, indeed, everything that G-d had promised. But, alas, it would remain unattainable to the children of Israel, as it was occupied by inhabitants that the spies found spectacularly intimidating, precluding, in their estimate, Israel's ability to dislodge them and inherit the land that G-d had promised.

Of course, inheriting the land that G-d promised, performing the many commandments that can only be performed in the land of Israel, and building the Torah society whose heart and soul is the city of Jerusalem and the Holy Temple that sits within its gates, was the dream and the goal of the entire Israelite nation as they steadily made their way across the desert sands. Destination Israel is what they strove for, uniting them and impelling them forward.

Naturally, when their own leaders, hand chosen by Moshe rabeinu - Moses our master, dismissed all this as an impossibility, they crumbled. Their sudden loss of spirit, as unjustified as it was, could well have proven fatal for the nation, had not Yehoshua and Calev at that moment risen to the historic occasion, and, in the very midst of a people having lost faith in themselves and in their G-d, stood firm against the overwhelming tide of defeatism and despair, and uttered their truth, "We can surely go up and take possession of it, for we can indeed overcome it." (ibid 13:30)

When G-d subsequently tells Moshe that the entire generation will die in the desert due to their faint-hearted response, save Yehoshua bin Nun and Calev ben Yefunneh, it wasn't intended as a reward for the two, but in recognition that only they possessed the very faith and the courage necessary to inherit the land. This week's episode of the terror flotilla that set sail for Gaza has afforded all the world's illustrious notables yet another opportunity to cynically and shamelessly trash Israel. Precisely today, when the entire world is clamoring to slander the nation of Israel, and speak ill of the land of Israel, and behave disparagingly toward the G-d of Israel, it is incumbent upon each and every one of us to take a stand and speak boldly and forcefully, as did Yehoshua and Calev, on behalf of the people, the land and the G-d of Israel. Only those that make their voices heard now, and cast their lot with Israel will make their mark in history, and likewise be noted by G-d, that they too, like His servant Calev, are "possessed by another spirit," worthy of G-d's deliverance.

Temple TalkTune in to this week's Temple Talk as Rabbi Chaim Richman and Yitzchak Reuven seek to understand the saga of the Israel's naval commando's take-over of the Gaza Flotilla in the light of the eternal, staggering truths found in this week's Torah portion of Parashat Shelach. What does this terrorist-funded, terror-motivated provocation against Israeli sovereignty have to do with the sin of the spies of the desert? And what's it got to do with the Holy Temple? Our hosts resound the answer, "Everything!" Tune in and find out how the Land of Israel is the only source of blessing for our physical world.

Breastplate of the High
PriestThis coming week, beginning on June 7th, Rabbi Chaim Richman will be speaking to audiences across Texas, New Mexico and Minnesota, and he will be bringing with him the completed Breastplate for the High Priest, featuring the 12 stones of the tribes of Israel, ready to be worn by the Kohen Gadol in the rebuilt Holy Temple. The Breastplate is the instrument of prophetic enlightenment in the Holy Temple. To view A Personal Invitation From Rabbi Chaim Richman To Join Him On His June 2010 American Speaking Tour click here.

Rabbi Richman Tours AmericaRabbi Richman Tours America: The Battle for Jerusalem has Begun!"The prophecy of the word of the L-rd concerning Israel... Behold, I am making Jerusalem a cup of poison for all the peoples all around... it shall be on that day that I make Jerusalem for all the peoples a burdensome stone... and all the nations of the world will gather against it... " (Zech. Ch. 12)

Rabbi Richman brings an urgent message from Israel: These prophecies are coming to pass now, they are the secret of every headline, every negotiation... come to learn how the future of Jerusalem will effect the entire world!

For a printable map of Rabbi Richman's speaking tour, please click here.
For a printable schedule of Rabbi Richman's speaking tour, please click here.

Choosing the 12 StonesThis week features the new Light to the Nations teaching by Rabbi Chaim Richman, entitled, "Choosing the 12 Stones: Rabbi Richman finally reveals the true identities of the twelve stones of the Breastplate of the High Priest" Click here to view.

Parashat HashavuaThe land of Israel is the soul of all the world, and G-d's system of providence over the land of Israel is unique in the world. The failure of the spies to recognize that Israel is the "desirable land" of HaShem was the cause of their downfall. Click here to view Rabbi Richman's short teaching on parashat Shelach (Numbers 13:1-15:41).  

Blessings from the holy city of Jerusalem,
  Yitzchak Reuven
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