Sunday, December 02, 2007

Buchanan is right and wrong about Israel

Patrick Buchanan cited Israel as a model for his call to preserve the U.S. "identity."
    "Israel fights ferociously to preserve her religious and ethnic identity," the three-time presidential candidate and commentator writes in his book released this month, Day of Reckoning: How Hubris, Ideology, and Greed Are Tearing America Apart.

    "Immigration is restricted to those who are Jewish by birth or faith..."
    "Jewish history is taught in the schools. The Hebrew language has been revived. A Jewish currency, the shekel, has been created. There is talk of annexing all major Jewish settlements on the West Bank, and in exchange, giving up Israeli land contiguous to the West Bank where Arabs reside.

    "Many Israelis say openly that while they wish to keep their Jewish population they would let the Arabs go. They seek an overwhelming Jewish majority in a Jewish state. Israelis understand it is not ideology that makes a nation. It is not democracy. Jews are a people. And Israel is unapologetic about preserving its ethnic and religious character."


    Buchanan is right and he is wrong. Israel is a schizophrenic country, as Meir Kahane noted about Ben Gurion’s declaration of independence that calls for Israel to be Jewish while somehow respecting the rights of other religions.

    Would to God that our British-Israelite countries would immediately limit immigration to White Israelite peoples from the British Commonwealth or Northwestern European countries, otherwise as Rhodesia became Zimbabwe ruins and South Africa under black misrule gives warning, our future is also bleak as our biblical birthrights are fast becoming Third World dumps.

    God save Israel and Judah!

    The English-speaking nations of White Israelites

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