Friday, December 25, 2009

Al-Aksa and Nazi Muslims Must Go!

The Temple Institute In Jerusalem Has Spent Approximately 27 Million Dollars On Preparations For The Rebuilding Of The Jewish Temple

...Most Christians understand that Judaism believes that the third temple will be built upon the arrival of the Messiah, but what most Christians do not realize is that the Temple Institute envisions a future Temple that will be "a house of prayer open to all believers in the monotheistic faiths" - Christians, Muslims or Jews.
In fact, Glick says that the Al-Aqsa mosque does not need to be removed for the new Temple to be built.

''Al-Aqsa can stay,'' Glick is quoted in The Age as saying. ''It's not even on the Temple Mount proper. But we intend to just build over the Dome of the Rock. We might be able to find a way to include it in the third temple.'' ...

There’s no need for Al-Aksa to stay. It’s a desecration of the Holy Name (as Torah-observant Jews would say) to permit the Nazi Muslims to remain anywhere upon the Temple Mount or within the Promised Land of Israel.

I’ve heard some Jews go for the so-called monotheistic religions being permitted to pray in the Third Temple, but others say Christians are idolaters with their sticks and Muslims are idolaters with their stones. All I know is the Bible specifically states the GOD OF JACOB – not Ishmael or Esau. The Nazi Muslims have yet to submit to the God of Jacob and get over their Islamoonie religion! And too many professing Christians are stuck in the muck of Babylon and have a counterfeit Christ and a different gospel.

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