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Rosh Hashana Greetings from the Temple Institute

A Sweet and Good New Year to All

Elul 29, 5770/September 8, 2010 - Erev Rosh HaShana

The Temple Institute wishes to all our friends and supporters, to all the House of Israel, and to all who love the G-d of Israel, a very sweet new year.
May this year of health and happiness, peace and prosperity for all, also be the year of the rebuilding of the Holy Temple and the renewal of the Divine service.
Temple TalkThe last Temple Talk of 5770 bids the year goodbye and welcomes in the coming year, may it bring blessings upon Israel and the entire world. What is our role in the cosmic saga of Rosh HaShana? What should we be praying for? How do we sweeten the judgments? And what is the significance of the shofar-blasts on this day, the birthday of the first man? Tune in to this week's Temple Talk as Rabbi Chaim Richman muse over these things and more as they prepare for the awesome-yet-joyous days of Rosh HaShana.
The Bridge to Our Future
Rosh Hashana 5771 - The Bridge to Our Future: Rabbi Chaim Richman speaks with Lorelai Kude of Jerusalem's Radio Free Nachlaot internet radio station, discussing what's expected of us as we arrive, on Rosh HaShana, to celebrate the birthday of our common forefather - Adam HaRishon - the first man. To hear the rabbi please click here.

Yitzchak Imas, 5723-5770. One week ago, Israel lost a true hero and visionary this week, martyred at the hands of Moslem terrorists. Yitzchak worked tirelessly to return a Jewish presence to the Temple Mount, and to return the Temple Mount and the Holy Temple to the hearts of every Jew. This week, after completed shiva, (the traditional seven day mourning period), the six Imas orphans returned to the Mount so loved by their father. Overlooking their children from their graves on the Mount of Olives, were Yitzchak and Talya Imas, of blessed memory. To learn more about Yitzchak, and to learn how you can assist his children, please click here.
The Shofar: Speaking to Our SoulThis week features the new Bat Melech video teaching with Rabbanit Rena Richman, entitled, "The Shofar: Speaking to Our Soul: On Rosh HaShana the order of the tru-ot and tekiyot of the shofar choreographs an intimate dialogue between man and G-d. Understanding the "language" of the shofar enables us to take part in the dialogue." Click here to view.
Who is a G-d like You?This week features the new Light to the Nations teaching by Rabbi Chaim Richman, entitled, "Who is a G-d like You?: Our closeness to G-d is described by Torah as one of kinship, not on a literal, fleshy level, but in terms of our absolute spiritual proximity to Him. This knowledge should inform how we relate to G-d and how we relate to our fellow man, likewise our kinsmen." Click here to view.
Rosh Hashana in the Holy

Rosh Hashana in the Holy Temple: From declaring the new moon to the blowing of the shofar by the kohanim upon the steps of the Holy Temple Sanctuary. To learn the details and the joy of Rosh Hashana in the Holy Temple, please click here.
Parashat Hashavua We may think we’re too clever for the “G-d game.” Think again. Trapped in a web of dime-store philosophies and talk-show sophistries, we may be short-changing ourselves of a deeper meaning to life. We can gain the true wisdom of Torah only by shedding our supercilious pretensions and false sophistication, and thereby letting G-d’s light into our hearts. Click here to view Rabbi Richman's short teaching on parashat Ha'azinu (Deuteronomy 32:1-32:52).
Blessings for a Shana Tove Umetuka - a Sweet and Good New Year, from the holy city of Jerusalem,
  Yitzchak Reuven
  The Temple Institute
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