Saturday, November 03, 2007

New World Order Coming

New World Order Coming

Yet out of ashes & rubble of repentance
A New World Order will arise

Spoken of by the Prophets who
Assure us of Europe's demise

Ten little naked emperors with
Towers will quake and fall

And the crawling Child will suddenly
Stand and walk six feet tall

The Gods will dwell among men
With Earth restored to Eden again

The King of Righteousness reigns
And nothing will ever be the same

The old world has passed away
The Dawn has given birth to a new day

Let Elijah herald Babylon is fallen, fallen
For in Judah and Jerusalem God is exulted!

Jerusalem is remembered and redeemed
Israel a Kingdom of Light to be seen

The Darkness couldn't bend Heaven's Will
Ancient of Days in His people fulfilled!

David Ben-Ariel

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