Sunday, December 21, 2008

"Experts on David Ben-Ariel"

I've never lived in Bowling Green

Re: Will Germany Launch a Nuclear Attack on America?
I've never lived in Bowling Green
Submitted by David Ben-Ariel on Sun, 2008-12-21 15:01.

It's amazing how some who set themselves up as "experts on David Ben-Ariel" love to indulge in disinformation. Granted, a few are just careless and confused about their "facts" but others are clearly obsessed (and possibly dangerous) like this disturbed person who has started an internet campaign against me: Steps to Ban "David Ben Ariel"

I was born in Bowling Green, Ohio, and donated a copy of Beyond Babylon to the Bowling Green library, but I have never lived there. BG, to their credit, does look like a rather nice place to live.

My name was David Hoover, but I legally changed it to David Ben-Ariel in 1989, as I testify in God-given Names and From Toledo to Jerusalem.

Facts are racist? I'm a realist. That's why I wrote, in Black Mark on Toledo that you referenced, "Toledo blacks gave Bill White's best sermon." That's the plain truth. Why deny it? Afraid of being called "racist"? (And where in the world did you get any mention of "racial superiority" in that article? You didn't, as any objective reader could easily conclude).

At least you're correct that I was affiliated with the Philadelphia Church of God, which is why I was on both nights of the FOX 25 Special Report in Oklahoma City about the PCG, leading to Gerald Flurry's outrageous attacks against me in full page newspaper ads, misleading folks to believe that I'm a terrorist, misrepresenting the Temple Mount Faithful as a terrorist organization, to deflect criticism of him as a false prophet - even though this star witness (his words) provided him with overwhelming evidence to the contrary, including a State Department letter.

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