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Why are We Afraid to be Jewish?

A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg

Why are We Afraid to be Jewish?
December 3, 2008

The State of Israel was established as a homeland for the Jewish People. While the founding fathers were secular Jews, inspired by Biblical Zionism, their attempt to create a secular zionism resulted in the confusion we see today. Ben Gurion certainly wanted to placate the Arabs as well as use them for his political advantage, but he also recognized the absolute necessity to maintain complete Jewish control of the Jewish State. He went so far as to suggest that, should the Arabs refuse to accept the Jewish character of Israel, they will be driven out if necessary.

Today secular zionism has completely fallen apart. The very concept of a Jewish State is being questioned by our own leaders. Not only are our Arab enemies given full citizenship in our country, including membership in our Knesset, but plans are being made by Jewish leaders to cede parts of our homeland in order to create a new Arab enemy state, where Jews will be forbidden to live, within the borders of the Jewish State... for “peace”.

Our government and court system seems to be suffering from national suicidal tendencies. It is taking measures which, under normal circumstances, would guarantee the destruction of the country they are sworn to protect! Any action taken against our enemies is called “racism”. Self-respecting Jews who try to stand up for Jewish rights are labeled “racists” by our own leaders! Yet it is our own government which practices discrimination against her own constituents!

Everyone has heard of the confrontation at Beit HaShalom in Hebron. Jews purchased a building from an Arab and moved in. Despite the fact that this legal transaction took place and that Jewish families are living in the building, because the Arab now claims that he did not sell the building, a claim backed up with no evidence what so ever, the government has decided to forcibly remove the Jewish families.

I wonder how many people have heard of Yitzchak Herskovitz. This elderly Jew bought property in Bet Tzafafa, a Jerusalem suburb, nearly fifteen years ago. When he went to take possession he discovered Arab squatters living there. When they refused to leave Herskovitz took them to court.

Although he is no youngster, he spent his time and lots of money going through the Israeli justice system. After thirteen years of fighting, he proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt, not only that the property is legally his, but that the Arab squatters are not only liars and thieves, but they are not even Israeli citizens and are not legally permitted even to be in Israel!

Herskovitz got court orders, on several occasions, to have the intruders evicted from his property. Every time either the Arabs found a legal loophole to reopen the court case or the police refused to carry out the court order for fear of violence beyond their control. To this day Herskovitz is fighting to gain possession of his property and the Arabs are still living upon it!

If Justice Beinish is so concerned about enforcing the law, why are these Arab criminals not punished, aside from being evicted? If the courts have proved, beyond a shadow of a doubt that these Arab squatters are thieves as well as illegal aliens, why are they still living on Herskovitz’s land? And if there is any reason what so ever to justify their being there, how is it that Jews, living in a legitmately purchased property must be forcibly evicted merely upon the unjustified claim of an Arab whose very life is in danger because he sold a home in Israel to a Jew?

If there is racism in Israel it is on the part of the government of Israel against her own people. The so called “peace” process has brainwashed our leadership into supporting our enemies and undermining loyal Jews! The term “settler” has acquired an evil connotation. The press presents those who are loyal to genuine Zionism as crazy hooligans. They conveniently forget that all of the modern state of Israel was created by “settlers” without which there would be no Jewish State.

The modern leadership of the Jewish State has forgotten the most basic concepts of even secular zionism and is actively working to undo the Jewish character of the Jewish State. With leaders like this we have no need for enemies.

It is truly a shame that we fail to realize the greatness which is destined for our country. Rather than fleeing from that greatness we should be embracing it. Redemption is ready for us, but it would seem that we are not ready for Redemption. Expelling Jews from any part of our homeland is a desecration of our G-d and a rejection of our obligations as Jews. The same is true about our failure to expel our enemies. Our hapless leaders are so busy trying to placate the world, an effort in futility, that they fail to try to placate the Creator of the universe who has performed countless miracles, not only to return Jews to our ancient homeland, but to protect us from our enemies and even our own leaders.

No power on Earth can stop the Biblical process of Redemption. But all those who try to interfere will be punished for their efforts. The future of the Jewish People in all of the Land of Israel is guaranteed by G-d. All but the completely blind can see Divine intervention turn a country, which should have disappeared even before it was reborn, into a truly modern and growing nation which sets standards for the world to emulate. And this in spite of leaders who are working against the process.

Project Shofar is sounding the alarm in an effort to wake up the Jewish people and the world to the G-dly process which has already begun. The murder of innocent Jews in India should remind us that it is not the Jewish State, rather the Jewish People as a whole, which faces the hatred of G-dless people. Those murdered in India were not living in the “occupied territories”. They were murdered simply because they were Jews. We are “a nation that stands alone, not to be reckoned among the nations of the world.” Just as G-d stands with us and protects us, we must stand with G-d and sanctify His Name. When we recognize this fact and turn our complete trust unto the Living G-d of Israel by coming home and standing up to the entire world, we will hasten the Redemption and bring an end to terror. Only thus will we ever find true peace.

A Voice from Hebron by Gary M. Cooperberg
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Project Shofar is dedicated to spreading these truths wherever it is possible to do so. It is sounding the alarm, to Jew and Gentile alike,to open our eyes to the G-dly process that is presently underway, and work to support it. We dare not stand idly on the sidelines.

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