Thursday, October 29, 2009

Remove the Arab threat!

MK Moses Challenges Police to Defend Jewish Worshippers

( MK Rabbi Menachem Eliezer Moses (United Torah Judaism) sent an urgent message to Minister of Internal Security Yitzchak Aharonovich this week questioning police officers' efficacy in protecting Jewish worshippers. Citing cases in which Jews were attacked by Muslims while praying at holy sites in Jerusalem, Moses challenged Aharonovich: “Why do the police not increase security and catch the criminals?”

Moses mentioned Kever Shimon HaTzadik (The Tomb of Shimon the Righteous) and Har Hazeitim (The Mount of Olives) as two places where Jewish worshippers face particular danger. At a recent event held on the anniversary of Shimon the Righteous's death, several Jews were hurt by rocks thrown by Arabs living nearby, he said.

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It is a hillul Hashem for Jews and Israelis to continue to enable Nazi Muslims to occupy, pollute and harass faithful Jews and Christians upon the Temple Mount. It's past time the foreign mosques become history in preparation for the prophesied House of Prayer for All Peoples who seek to worship the God of Jacob.

A House of Prayer For All Peoples?

Third Temple Coming Soon to Jerusalem!

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