Tuesday, June 05, 2007

German EU prepares for war

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EU to open military operational planning centre
DefenseNews notes that the EU will open an operational planning centre inside the EU Military Staff headquarters later this month in a bid to enhance the bloc’s military-planning capability. The ‘OpsCenter’ will staff 76 military and 13 civilian planners, and is intended to enable the EU to plan and run autonomous military and joit civilian-military operations in the absence of a leading national headquarters. NATO and the US have protested against the centre, saying it would duplicate the alliance’s well-established military planning staff. The article quotes “a diplomat from a small EU country” saying “This is a pretty clear indication of where the EU is headed…The constitution may be frozen, but we all see where this big EU wheel is going. It’s turning slowly, but it’s turning down the path [of a stronger] ESDP [European Security and Defence Policy].”
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