Thursday, February 25, 2010

Anti-Semitic Israel bans Jewish prayers

No Prayer Permitted on Temple Mount Gates Tour
by Hillel Fendel

The “El Har HaMoriah” (To Mt. Moriah) Institute has finally received police permission to hold a tour around the Temple Mount gates in the Old City – but the restrictions make it nearly unfeasible.

Following protracted negotiations between the Institute and police officials, a meeting was held last week in which the final details were hammered out. The restrictions appear to outweigh the permits, however – and first among the “don’ts” is "Don't pray."

Institute officials sense that the theme of the police permit appears to be the free rein Moslems have in and around the Temple Mount gates, while the Jews must behave as unwanted visitors who must be barely seen or heard. Some groups have banded together to fight this approach; this coming March 16 has been designated "International Temple Mount Awareness Day;" click here for details.

“The ban on prayer reflects neither the status quo nor the government decision on Temple Mount prayers, which forbid Jewish prayer only atop the Temple Mount plaza… For instance, at the monthly March Around the Gates, and on Sabbath eves, prayer and song is permitted. In light of this, I would ask you to explain the blanket prayer ban you have imposed, including the legal basis on which it relies – or, alternatively, to rescind the ban.”

The El Har HaMoriyah Institute is not planning to back down on their rights to pray at the Temple Mount gates. “We are not giving up,” Shukri said. “We will begin a publicity campaign to win over public opinion, with the participation of security figures, lawyers, archaeologists, Knesset Members, Cabinet Ministers, and Arab-affairs experts. Many of them have agreed to support our cause in the past…

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This madness again proves Meir Kahane was right when he said Israel is a state of Gentilized Jews with their ghetto mentality - not a truly Jewish homeland.

Jews prayed for 2,000 years to return to Zion to be forbidden to pray anywhere they pleased in the holy city of Jerusalem?

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